Final Resolution News - "Fired" Stipulation Added To Jeff Jarrett vs. Jeff Hardy; Opening Match Revealed

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Dixie Carter posted the following news bits for tomorrow night's TNA Final Resolution pay-per-view on her social networking accounts:

* If Jeff Jarrett loses his match against Jeff Hardy in which Karen Jarrett will be handcuffed to Sting at ringside, either he or Karen will be fired.

* The show will open with Rob Van Dam vs. Christopher Daniels.

Join us here at tomorrow night at 8 PM EST for exclusive live play-by-play coverage.

  • havoc525

    That’s the stupidest stipulation I have ever heard.

  • eurosario

    Yes let Karen Jarrett be fired please I’m begging them please fire her a**

  • Jeremy

    I'm sorry, which Jeff would be fired again? Jarrett or Hardy?

    • Alex

      Normally I'd say Hardy since he's an embarrassment to wrestling but I'd rather have Karen off tv more than anyone else there.

    • Osisris


  • jdl

    RIght, so, Karen's getting canned. I know "You're fired" matches are usually obvious… but this is like labeling a nuke as marzipan.

  • Kendall

    Jerret will get fired

  • mica

    Cant wait to get Karen off air…

  • Rob

    Other possible stipulations considered for this match included Mike Tenay having to solve a rubiks cube before the match finished or risk being fired and a clippers on a pole match where the loser had to watch Abyss shave their pet, who were both handcuffed at ringside to sting, who was wearing a turkey suit.

    • havoc525

      In the grand tradition of Judy Bagwell on a pole, they thought of doing Karen on a pole, but she thought they meant she’d go back to stripping and nixed the idea.

  • sportsman6100

    Good god this sounds like something booked by WCW when it was going down the crapper.