Final Say In WWE, TNA's Weekend Debacle, Diva Returning?, Destination X Success

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It seems that Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler have been fan-favorites for quite a long time now, even during their respective runs as a heel. With Ziggler's recent face turn and Bryan's main event push, how much of an influence does the WWE Universe have backstage in determining the role of the the characters?

While Vince McMahon has the final say backstage, the fans ultimately have the final say. How they react, or don't react, determines how workers are booked. Let me me explain. WWE planned to push Steve Austin under the very successful Austin 3:16 gimmick as a heel yet it was so over-the-top and entertaining, the audience turned him babyface. That's an example of a success. An example of a failure would be that of Lord Tensai. WWE tried to bring him back as a top heel. After making some tweaks, such as the Tensai name and losing the manager, it didn't work. They ended up paring him with Brodus Clay and he's found a gimmick that works. The "monster heel" didn't work but the mid-card comedy babyface did. The fans ultimately have the final say. People will say well what about John Cena? I can see the comments now, most fans want to see him turn heel. No, most IWC fans want to see Cena turn heel. John is still a top merchandise seller and his segments are highly rated. WWE is aware of the IWC hatred, which is why they promote that "no one draws a reaction quite like John Cena," but ultimately the audience has the final say.

Regarding the talent that was pulled from the TNA show in Missouri: Were the individual talent at fault for not having licenses to perform, or was it a colossal screw-up on the part of TNA management?

For those that missed it over the weekend, TNA ran a show in Cape Girardeau, Missouri on Saturday night featuring 8 workers in 5 matches. What happened was to wrestle in the state of Missouri a worker must have an active license with the athletic commission and six workers (Chris Sabin, Garett Bischoff, Jay Bradley, Gail Kim, Brooke Tessmacher and Wes Brisco) were not actively licensed. An announcement was made prior to the show and refunds were offered but this is very embarrassing for TNA. We can all debate how much regulation there should (or shouldn't be), however, the bottom-line is TNA should be aware of all the credentials needed to run a show. Could you imagine if this would have been at the upcoming Impact tapings in St. Louis? I read on Monday that a website reported Bruce Prichard is the person to blame, which is laughable in of itself because Prichard is no longer employed in TNA. The moment his employment was terminated was that moment all of his responsibilities went out the window. That's like blaming Vince Russo for a current storyline. This problem highlights the dysfunction at the top of TNA and is very embarrassing for all involved. It's embarrassing for the brand and the workers because it makes TNA look like they do not know what they are doing.

With Tara (formerly known as Victoria) departing TNA, what is the chance she comes back to WWE?

There is always a chance in this business and Tara is already teasing her next move. Traditionally, WWE doesn't have anything for Divas over 40 (she's 42) but I think most will agree that age is just a number to Tara. We'll continue to follow the situation but until then, those in Chicago can support her by eating at The Squared Circle.

Overall I thought TNA's Destination X show was solid with the X Division being shown off well. The surprise for me was the TNA title match. I have been a fan of Bully Ray's heel work since his switch and find him to be a solid performer. Chris Sabin is also a very solid worker and shows why he is/should be a TNA mainstay. Were you surprised TNA switched the title on free TV?

TNA Destination X was a good show and a step in the right direction for the company. TNA badly needed some good news following a month full of departures and they got it with Destination X. The show was well attended and gave the ratings a boost. I was surprised TNA switched the belt on free television but pleasantly surprised. While not your prototypical "top guy," Sabin is an outstanding in-ring worker and has arguably outworked everyone in the business. My biggest complaint was the way the main event was laid out. I didn't like the Aces and Eights/Main Event Mafia taking away from the finish. I understand why it was done, to highlight the feud between the two factions, but personally feel it took away from "the moment." As for my thoughts on Sabin as champion, I like it when hard work is rewarded. #HailSabin

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  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    I have a great idea on how to turn John Cena heel…If anybody here watches NXT you will know that they too have a John Cena down there by the name of Bo Dallas. His got the cheesy smile the over-the-top baby face persona and the corniest promos you can ever hear. Fans are booing him to a point where they cheer any of the opponents that he’s in the ring with! And these are heel wrestlers btw! So there was a show recently where fans began to literally turn their backs when Bo Dallas came out almost in protest to the NXT bookers who continuesly shove this kid down their throats. So I suggest to all of you who attend the shows regularly specially TV shows! When Cena comes out, do that! Turn your backs! Show no type of reaction and I guarantee you something is gonna give in time! Of course that is if you wanna see a character change in Cena, if not, continue to either boo or cheer him and show reaction. Kthanksbye

    • Kris Mystery

      Will never work. You gotta remember that half of those fans are Cena lovers. So you’ll only have half the audience turning their backs.Of those half lets assume that half of those will not have heard anything about this “plan” and now you are down to a quarter of the audience that has even heard about it. A bunch of them will think it’s a foolish thing to do so now we are down to even less.

      • Hercules Rockerfeller

        I wouldn’t go as far as saying never but there’s this wonderful method called “word of mouth” so lets say you have two friends who don’t like Cena but one is not an IWCer than you tell him and he’ll tell another and so on. Even in the events. You got these ppl that chant Cena sucks and a lot of them have anti Cena signs. Just walk up to them and say hey here’s a fun idea lets all turn our backs and Cena come out.” I say it’s worth a try!

    • lll

      That’s a good idea. The only way Cena will turn heel is for no one to react to him. But WWE cares about reaction. They don’t care if it’s good or bad any reaction is good reaction. As long as people continue to cheer or boo him his character will continue to be shoved down our throats.

    • GuyLandau

      I am pretty sure Bo Dallas’ gimmick is that of an over-the-top face IN ORDER to garner a heel reaction from the smarter NXT crowd. I think this uber-cheesiness is a clever attempt by whoever books NXT to alienate the NXT audience to Dallas. I am pretty sure what he is doing now is a premeditated attempt to alienate the fans before turning him heel. He’s being intentionally too cheesy.

  • Stoney

    Lucky Alberto Del Rio has Ricardo Rodriguez, he’s the one that gets a reaction from the crowd

  • Alexi

    Dixie “clueless” Carter has absolutely no idea what’s she’s doing as wrestling is just a hobby,more or less, for her to do. She is as bad, if not worse, promoter than Jim Herd was. Incidents like this make TNA (man what an awful name) look like an indie promotion that just happens to have a TV deal

  • John

    There’s not a lot that shocks me in pro wrestling anymore, but Sabin winning the TNA title surprised me. There is no doubt that he has earned the opportunity, however i will be genuinely stunned if he is still the champion come Bound For Glory.

  • LucaF

    I don’t see why a Cena heel turn would be a good thing. As of now Cena draws reactions thar are exactly what the WWE is expecting: he is a babyface for the casual audience and is ALREADY a heel for internet fans as he is one of the most hated wrestler. So why turn him heel ? To make internet fans happy to hate him ? Isn’t he already the most hated heel in the industry?

  • David

    I will hopefully be going to Tara’s new restaurant in Chicago for Summerslam. Has anyone been there yet? I dont mind commuting from the burbs to the city for Tara

    • outkazt09

      I wanna go to. But I keep forgetting to go all the time.

  • Jaryd

    I’d like to see Victoria get a job as a trainer in NXT. I have to admit I’m kinda out of the loop with it but is Sara Del Rey still working there? Even if she still is I think having those 2 as a team would really help bring up what already is in parts a promising crop of female wrestlers.

  • Robert Olley

    Is it not a case now that tna has had so much bad news that no good news will help them? Also why is matt bloom always a failure as a singles wrestler yet taf teams seem to be his calling?