Final Say On Taker/Punk, WWE More Family Friendly?, Haas & Benjamin, WM29 Snubs

Who has the final say on the booking of Undertaker vs. CM Punk at Wrestlemania?

Vince McMahon has the final say on everything although I'm sure Undertaker has the power to veto an outcome that has him going under. If WWE wanted to end Undertaker's streak, it's at the point where it would have to be with Undertaker's blessing. I heard he was against any scenario that saw him come back and lose but things can change.

I read somewhere that WWE are aiming at a more family friendly product, is this true?

These comments likely came from George Barrios at the 25th Annual ROTH Conference. You can read a report we filed about Barrios contrasting WWE's audience with UFCs audience at this link. With Vince McMahon admitting they went a little far with WWE PG (on a conference call I was on), I don't think this means they're looking to water down the product even further. I take it as they are committed to producing a product that can be consumed by the entire family. I truly believe a lot of IWC fans want to see WWE go more towards a Ring of Honor type style, where the product is built around lengthy athletic wrestling matches. This isn't going to happen as WWE is a mainstream organization with a diverse audience. They want the pure wrestling fans but they want their wives and their children as well.

Following the unexpected retirement of Charlie Haas, I would love to hear your thoughts on The World's Greatest Tag Team during their original run with WWE. I think they are one of the greatest tag teams of recent times and are extremely underrated in history.

You don't want commentary on "Stone Cold" Steve Haastin? Both Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas were great together in WWE and in Ring of Honor. I can remember their initial pairing as Team Angle, thinking they had fantastic chemistry very early on. They put on great tag team matches and had two title runs in each company. Charlie is ready to pursue life outside of the business and he can't be faulted for wanting to be with his wife and kids.

Is Antonio Cesaro going to be a Wrestlemania snub?

Ten matches have officially been announced for Sunday's Wrestlemania 29, none of which feature the reigning WWE United States Champion. Remember there is a one hour pre-show that is expected to feature at least one match that is supposed to have implications at the pay-per-view. We should find out more on this week's Raw.

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  • Xavier

    Ratings overall in the WWE programming have gone up since 2010 so there’s no chance of McMahon going back to PG13 programming anytime soon so if anyone opposes the current PG product then they can 1. Live with the change and enjoy the show or 2. Turn to ROH, NJPW or TNA. And why would the WWE try to emulate the ROH when the ROH doesn’t have a fraction of the audience, fan base, ratings or the star power that the WWE has. That would be the dumbest thing McMahon/HHH could do as a human being, there is no logic in that at all.

    • Max A

      In television it’s TV-14. Good points but WWE needs to go back to more outrageous television. I was watching at 6 years old, 16 years ago when the boom occurred. WWE can’t create a boom in PG. Go back to TV-14, again I was 6 when wrestling was nuts. I’m sure kids would still watch WWE in that case. PG is unnecessary.

      • Xavier

        Can’t create a boom in PG? Did you miss the 80s? As big as the Attitude Era was, it still can’t compare to how big the WWE was in the 80s with Hogan, Savage, Andre etc etc. Check out the ratings of the Saturday Night Main Events & The Main Events that they were running back then. They were doing ratings of anywhere between a 8.0 and a 11.0 on a regular basis and what makes that even more impressive is the fact that this was on a Saturday night when most people are off and go party. The Hogan/Andre rematch at “Main Event did a TV rating of 15.2, thats insane. Nothing in the attitude era comes close to that. And TV14 doesn’t automatically mean better ratings at all. The reason why McMahon made the switch to PG in late 08 was b/c ratings were taking a dive. And since 2010 ratings are getting better.

  • Maybe it’s because I’m not a huge Undertaker fan but I get the feeling he’s being very selfish here. Think of all the huge names that have put him over at WM. on his first ever mania Snuka who was a vet put him over. HHH and HBK put him over twice! Well HHH three times! Psycho Sid, Edge and Batista dropped the world title to Taker at WMs. The point is Taker has had an amazing WM career and in my opinion 20-0 should have been it of he was going to retire undefeated. However I see why he came back. Afterall it’s WM and it’s a big ass payday! And taker has been home doing nothing for an year so the logic thing is to get some easy money. Think about it, he’s banged up, he’s not 100% anymore and he’s like 47 or 48 and in wwe your considered old. I really feel he needs to do what’s best for business and put CM Punk over.

    • Don

      Cm punk doesn’t need it, and Taker has put many people over. He doesn’t need to to anything else.

  • Gary Robert

    I’d like to know how a PAID employee can veto the outcome of a match? Can a waitress at Denny’s veto the order of a customer or veto being told to clean off a table by her boss?

    • Xavier

      Creative control in a contract is the reason for that. Hogan/Austin didn’t happen at WM18 because neither was willing to lose to the other and they both so happened to have creative control in their contracts.

  • Mark Wilson

    Seriously, a talent like Cesaro been left off the main card?? Really feel for the guy, one of the hardest workers this last year, good enough to work a match with anyone, sort it out WWE!!!!!!!!

    • Snap

      Well, to put it into perspective, for the length of time he was in WWE, Lance Storm never had a WrestleMania match. I believe he was booked for a tag team title defense at WrestleMania 18, but the match was bumped to Sunday Night Heat.

      Sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

  • Chris

    Think about this, Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan did preshow for the U.S. Title and had a WHC match a year later. We’ll see if Cesaro follows their lead.

  • Stoney

    It sucks that cesaro, kofi, and r-truth aren’t on the wm card, but brodus clay and tensai get a match? That’s bull

  • Stoney

    Charlie as a singles wrestler was given ridiculous gimmick after ridiculous gimmick ie wearing a licks libre mask, a wigger, and a guy that impersonates other wrestlers.