Final WWE No Way Out Lineup - Live Coverage Sunday At 7:30 PM EDT

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Below is the final lineup for Sunday's WWE No Way Out. Be sure and join us tomorrow night at 7:30 PM EDT here at for exclusive live play-by-play coverage:

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship
- CM Punk © vs. Kane vs. Daniel Bryan

World Heavyweight Championship Match
- Sheamus © vs. Dolph Ziggler

Steel Cage Match
If Big Show loses, John Laurinaitis is "fired."  If Cena loses, he is "fired."
- John Cena vs. Big Show

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
- Christian © vs. Cody Rhodes

Tuxedo Match
- Santino Marella vs. Ricardo Rodriguez

WWE Divas Championship Match
- Layla © vs. Beth Phoenix

Pre-Show Match
- Brodus Clay vs. David Otunga

  • Bault16

    And Ryback vs two jobbers lol. No seriously that’s probably gonna happen.

  • chopper

    i really hope that this ppv is good as i am niver to critical on wwe but this looks like the worst ppv in a while line up any way.

  • Jay

    Wow its pretty much Night of Champions…..All you need is the US title on the line, and the Tag team titles on the line…..

  • BigMike

    I just hope they do not ruin Clay on account of No-talent Otunga I mean seriously putting Otunga and Johnny Ace together was perfect. Both are ass-kissers who could not get it done in the ring Johnny used his brother to stay relelvant Otunga used his Harvard credentials; But they both suck in the ring

  • BigD

    Its zig zags time to wear the strap!