Finlay Gets A Pop In Belfast, Summer Rae With Fandango

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Finlay Gets An Irish Pop

William Regal acknowledged WWE producer Fit Finlay after his match against Michael McGillicutty at Thursday's WWE Raw live event in Belfast, Ireland. Finlay, who was ringside for the bout, received a huge pop after Regal put him over on the stick.

Summer Rae With Fandango

WWE developmental Diva Summer Rae appeared at Thursday's Smackdown live event as a dancer with Fandango in Glasgow, Scotland. We have quick results from the show online at this link. You can view a Twitter photo below:

  • Liam

    Great moment and if im not mistaken i can recall regal putting him over as the GOAT

  • Great, so it’s looking like Summer Rae is getting a call up before Paige.

    • Would you really want Paige dancing with Fandango?

      • No, I want a Diva that can wrestle to get called up before some eye candy does, but maybe that’s just me. Paige being called up might be the catalyst the Divas need to become great again. Summer Rae is just reinforcing the “models who can barely wrestle” movement.

        • I was just saying that at least Paige isn’t going to be stuck in this role. I don’t mind them taking they’re time calling her up. She doesn’t have much to work with at the minute anyway.

          • True, Danny. The only Divas on the main roster I’d think she’d work well with are AJ, Kaitlyn, and Naomi.

  • Chris

    So wwe is using Fandango’s rise to push one of their up and coming Divas instead of the dancer he is currently coming out with (even if she is the only one of the two that can dance) and you lot are complaining.

    I give up.

    • I’m just frustrated that WWE has talented wrestlers on their NXT Divas Roster, and instead they push the eye-candy yet again.

      • tommyboy44

        Nothing new!