Finlay Officially Back With WWE As A Producer

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Finlay is officially back with WWE as a producer. It's believed he was re-hired over Wrestlemania XXVIII weekend but was given the opportunity to finish independent dates.

Finlay was fired from WWE in March 2011 after scripting The Miz to interrupt the National Anthem at a live event in which members of the National Guard were in attendance.

  • Logan_Walker

    Richard Can You See Him Making a Return Next Week on RAW as another "Legend" Back on RAW ?

    • Nick

      Finlay is not really a legend. He’s more like a veteran.

    • Callum

      Finlay wasnt really a legend!

      • Ken

        Fit Finlay's a legend in the UK. I remember him from when I was a kid watching UK wrestling with my dad. Him and Princess Paula on ITV World of Sport (the same programme that got a shout out on NXT the other day). That's going back a few years. About 28 or so. Christ, I'm old…

  • dusty588

    I'd like to see him back in the ring now and then, could possibly see him on the 1000th episode.

  • gpturbo81

    finley v regal

  • Andrew

    "It’s believed he was re-hired over Wrestlemania XXVIII weekend"

    He was in RoH right? That doesn't count as Indy dates, he left WWE and did Indy dates, then went to RoH…right?

    From RoH's website he was there

  • Charlie Barklee

    Findlay is just as much a legend as Doink

  • BigMike

    Finlay is a legend but not like other legends as the true hardcore wrestling fans that also are kind of historians of it would agree he is a legend and he is a tough great woker who also ran the Divas schooling when they were in WWE he helped make Trish from a swinwear Model into the wrestler she became and his work with Candace among other ones …… the "fans" of wrestling might not know just how good he really is/was in the ring he had some great matches with Booker T and Chris Benoit back during their TV Title fights it would be great to see him hurt SLater lol