Finlay Rehired By WWE To Work As A Producer

Finlay is in Miami for Wrestlemania XXVIII and word going around is that he has been re-hired as a producer.

Finlay was fired last March when he had The Miz interrupt the signing of the national anthem at a WWE live event. There were complaints from the National Guard, a sponsor of WWE, who were in attendance.

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  • indian Canadian

    The National Guad must be so mad right now.

  • keagan

    good glad he is back. He should not of gotten fired over something like that in the first place. He should of been talked to, but not fired.

  • H.M.

    Well if he ever comes back in some sort of a wrestling capacity, him and Drew would make a great team. :I

    • Razmos01

      Why him and drew? I think you might of ment finlay and sheamus

  • George

    Well it's about **** time

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I'm glad he's back but does this mean he will NOT be showing up at the Evolve Show he was scheduled for in a couple weeks.

    • wwefanatic

      I heard WWE is giving him a couple of weeks to finish up any Indy dates.

  • John Turnbull

    glad he's back. some clueless National Guard who wanted him to get fired in the first place must be p*ssed now.

  • Crane

    They have fired him because of interrupting The Miz singing the National Anthem??? W t f goes through your Head Vince? I think you’ve got to much headpunches or not enough. Whatever.
    Nice to read that Fit Finlay is back!!!

  • Russe

    The legendary fin lay is back he was great. I could understand why the national guard members would be upset bout him causing miz to interupt the playing of the national anthem though he shouldn't have fired him.

  • Herman Tank

    Finlay is terrible. Why rehire a guy who has done nothing for the company. They should give Freddie Prinze a raise, hire his wife and have a storyline where Buffy tries killing off The Brood and Kevin Thorn. LMAO

  • Crane

    @ Herman Tank
    Who do you think have trained all the Newcomer of the Last years? Think about it…

    • Herman Tank

      That would explain the lack of good newcomers, that's for sure.