Finlay Says He Has Not Be Rehired By WWE; Video Of The Rock Arriving At Wrestlemania XXVIII

Finlay is disputing reports he’s been re-hired by WWE as a producer. You can watch him respond to the rumors in an interview in the video embedded below:

I don’t want to add anything to what Finlay said but he does have indy dates to finish up if he is officially headed to back to WWE.

WWE posted the following video of The Rock arriving at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida for Wrestlemania XXVIII:

  • ryder

    Cant wait for tonight i havent ordered a wwe ppv since 2006 and i'll be ordering wm tonight

  • Guest

    Rock's double parked. What a tool.

    • Jon

      he alone to cus the grate one!

    • James Mitchell

      Only a tool would comment on the rock being double parked

  • tone

    i order all WM’s… last year sucked… I’m actually excited for this one.. I like old school wrestling and I’m think there should be at least 3 matches that deliver tonight…

  • steve2

    Finlay’s awesome. Hope he comes back in some capacity

  • Chris

    I haven't ordered a PPV since WM 3 when I was 5! I actually ordered it for the $64.99 HD!

  • Sukhraj

    How won out of jonh cena or the rock