Finlay's Son Plans On Wrestling, WWE's Return To The Staples Center, Cena Comments On Kane's Return

- The Newnan Times-Herald has a new article online looking at the family of Fit Finlay. It also reveals Finlay's son, David, plans on going to wrestling school in Japan when he graduates high school. Click here to read the full article.

- WWE will return to the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California for a house show on Friday, February 24, 2012.

- John Cena wrote the following on Twitter about Kane's return to WWE on last night's Raw Supershow:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Patrick Peralta for his help with this information.

  • Angel Psymon

    It was "BRM-666" [BRM = Big Red Machine]

    • sportsman6100

      Haha good one.

    • Ernest Bethea

      Best reply to Cena's Tweet!

  • Brett

    haha oh cena.. hes just as good of a comedian as he is a wrestler.

  • guy

    Cena's humble attitude is so sickening. He's practically being this way to any heel that messes with him..And they wonder why he gets booed. His character is way beyond stale.

  • ebenimzo

    DFD-HFB (DFD = Devil's Favorite Demon, HFB = Hell Fire Brimstone)

  • Sean

    I respect cena but i hope he gets chokeslammed through the ring 🙂

  • Random Commenter

    Tell me if I'm just being stupid, but is Kane starting a rivarly with Cena or sending a statement to Henry

    • Patrick_Peralta

      Kane is sending a message to Henry.

      • Sebastian

        No I think it’s going to be John cena vs Kane in TLC

    • lloyd

      masked kane beats up everyone on his way. That is just his way of expressing himself

  • Cenation fan no234454534

    Dunno y Cena didn’t wave his hand in a manner that Kane can’t c him therefore not being able to whoop him #magicinvisablejohncenashit

  • He gonna just be a heel fight everyone also after raw went off the air dark match between Kane vs Henry awesome! Kane won

  • The Breaker

    Instead of actually getting angry because he was attacked, he makes a stupid joke. Classic Cena.

  • John Cena gets chokeslamed by Kane, Cena jokes about it, and you people are getting pissed off that Cena is not getting pissed off. Have it ever occurred to you people that this is what Cena wants? The more you people want Cena to get pissed off, the less likely he's gonna do it. You know, well if you're gonna get pissed at me, I'm gonna let you get more pissed off by not reacting. John Cena (in real life) is probably laughing his ass off at everybody who hates him because he doesn't react.

  • eddd

    i love how cena jokes about getting chokeslammed god forbid he actually say something like a man about it

  • outkazt09

    Vintage Cena!!!!

    • Lee

      No that's Vintage Kane

  • MonsterMike42

    I was going to reply to Cena with "BURNNH3L" but it was pretty early in the morning.

  • Patrick V

    It’s funny how nobody cared that David Finlay wants to wrestle in WWE

    • Paul

      Why would we care about finlays son?

      I hate the cena character but it wouldn’t be the same without him and his in ring work is good despite what critics say.

      Good to see Kane back, think he could be the next world champion? Anyone see what colour his mask is? I just saw red Cus of the lights.

  • Patrick V

    And the plate said CHOKSLAM

  • Jim

    Dave Chappelle has nothin’ on John Cena… He should leave WWE RIGHT NOW to go and be a stand-up…

  • Victor

    Kane will kill cena cuz cena sucks ass kane looks awsome

  • BigMike

    Kane sent a message to henry simple as that ………..BTW if David Finlay is half the man his father is he will do well in this business. I always liked Finlay he could wrestle but he liked to brawl and was very good backstage as well too bad he made 1 mistake and it cost him his job at WWE

  • Devin

    Kane looks weird with his mask I bet at tlc Kane will help bigshow win the title for what coward mark Henry did to him

  • andel

    cena lady parts are still trending world wide