First Reviews Of "Total Divas" Are In, Jericho's Bold Prediction

First "Total Divas" Reviews

Josh Stewart of Newsday reviewed "Total Divas" following the premiere on Sunday night at this link.

Chris Jericho Makes Bold Prediction

Chris Jericho was asked for his thoughts on Daniel Bryan and after putting him over, Jericho made a bold prediction. The following is from Twitter:

  • Chris

    I honestly don’t see that as too bold of a prediction. A former World Heavyweight Champ, who’s seen as the best worker in the company, and is as over as anyone on the roster right now winning the WWE title SHOULD be pretty much a given.

    • Don Tonberry

      Not to mention he’s already held the World Heavyweight title already. I’m not sure what WWE would have in mind for Cena if his reign extended passed Summerslam but hopefully they strap Bryan then.