Five Participants Confirmed For World Heavyweight Championship Contract Money In The Bank Ladder Match

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WWE Intercontinental Champion Christian, WWE United States Champion Santino Marella, Tensai, Tyson Kidd and Damien Sandow all qualified on this week's Smackdown for the World Heavyweight Championship Contract Money in the Bank Ladder Match at the pay-per-view next month. More qualifying matches are scheduled to take place on the next two weeks of Smackdown.

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  • woolf

    i think its a bit to quick to throw sandow into a mitb laddermatch he really hasnt done much to deserve it, also what the hell is tensai doing on smackdown isnt he from raw

    • Paul

      Tensai was supposed to be on raw and he sucks so 2 reasons he shouldn’t be in the mitb ladder match

  • Deuce

    If those are the only guys going to be in the Smackdown MITB………

    1. Christian wins and probably cashes it in early and loses
    2. Sandow is getting a very very big early push

  • jdl

    This is going to be a very weird MiTB. Only Christian is high enough on the totem pole to win it… and he's not going to. Either they start putting a few big names or real up and comers in, or this is going to go down as the first MitB with a guaranteed cash in loser.

  • John dickson

    In the miz’s voice “REALLY”

  • Bishop

    Looking at that list, I may be the only one who wants Tyson Kidd to win.

    Are they doing a 6-man or 8-man set up?

  • Bishop

    Oh, throw Antonio Cesnaro in there and he is my front runner

  • Keagan

    rhodes will find a way in.

    • sportsman6100

      I agree. I think that he and Christian are the only superstars who deserve to receive the push that comes with being winner of a MITB ladder match.

  • Matt

    Tensai and Sandow…really? REALLY? REALLY? Tyson Kidd and Christian in a ladder match….oh man, high spots and high excitement!

  • AT

    Of it is the case, why not Santino to win MITB and loses his cash in match ?

  • The Breaker

    I think they mentioned on Smackdown that they will have more qualifying matches on the "Great American Bash" live Smackdown this Tuesday.