Five Possible Cities To Host Wrestlemania 31 Or 32

The following cities have received letters from WWE requesting proposals to host Wrestlemania 31 in 2015 and/or Wrestlemania 32 in 2016:

  • Orlando, Florida
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Miami, Florida
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Detroit, Michigan

Proposals are due by March 15 and the list of finalists will be decided by mid-June with the awarded city receiving notification by fall. We mentioned two other cities that have been brought up here on Premium.

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  • Xavier

    Vince needs to bring WM back to the greatest city in the US: Los Angeles, or even San Diego. Your not gonna find a bigger market outside of NY bigger then southern Cali. Move SummerSlam to a different city, LA would glady take WM over Summerslam everyday of the week.

    • Chris

      No thanks, Pasadena with The Rose Bowl, MAYBE, but not in LA.

      • Xavier

        Pasadena/LA, same thing dude.

  • Eddie Edwards

    I just want Pittsburgh to get a PPV. We have not had one since Bragging Rights in 2009.

    • Ricky Taylor

      I couldn’t agree more… I think it would put Pittsburgh more on the map then it already is

      • Eddie Edwards

        I’m not even asking for WM. Any PPV

  • H.M.

    No Vancouver Canada? I am disappoint.

    • wolfie17

      phooey on Mulligan and Brit Columbia & Vancouver! You are lucky you HABS have the Blown

  • Kvb

    Bring something back to Toronto!!! Anything in Canada!! I will travel in Canada but not into the U.S.!!

    • KungKongBrody

      Stay there then that’s just rude. I have always wanted to go to Canada but if that’s the way you guys feel.

    • wolfie17

      phooey on you. EH?

  • Sujay

    4 out of these 5 cities have already hosted WM… so a big NOOO to all of them… i want it in cowboys stadium in dallas or the university of michigan stadium in ann arbor… both of them can fit more than 100000 people..

  • joel

    Bring it to san Diego! And have it at qualcom stadium!

  • Jordan

    Bring it to Canada. We don’t even get raws anymore:@

  • Jeff Hegie

    If this WrestleMania at MetLife Stadium in Jersey is successful, they need to bring it here to Baltimore (M&T Bank Stadium) or even DC (FedEx Field).

  • sammy

    Cowboys stadium..the rose bowl..or Lucas Oil stadium in Indianapolis

  • Robert

    what does Indianapolis have to do to get some love, we have a new stadium and have hosted the super bowl. I see no reason why we cant get another Wrestlemania

  • Jesse Bowland

    want it in Pittsburgh pa the city of the champions

  • Mike Brailsford

    Wembley Stadium. Oh don’t be silly Mike, you know they’d never want to move outside their comfort zone.