Five WWE NXT Wrestlers Released

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Five WWE NXT wrestlers have been released from the company. This is part of the ongoing cuts, as WWE announced yesterday they will be reducing their staff by 7%.

Garrett Dylan announced on Twitter on Friday that he has been released. Jodi Kristofferson is the son of Kris Kristofferson. Dylan was released last August and quitely resigned with the company sometime in the last several months.

Tyler Travis also announced that he has been cut.

Slate Randell announced that he is taking bookings. View his tweet below:

Mac Miles and Dani Jax were also released.

  • BIG M

    I’m just glad they didn’t release my fellow Aussie Buddy Murphy A.K.A Matt Silva.
    Really hope he gets his chance to work on NXT tv.

    • Simon Veitch

      I agree, reading this article I was moving slowly and hoping Silva didn’t turn up in it. Been a huge fan of his since he started in Melbourne

  • Harlie Boucher

    The only one that rings a bell for me is Garrett Dylan. Don’t know any of the others. Still sucks to see when anyone gets released.

  • jdl

    Isn’t this the second time Kristofferson’s kid has been released after only a very short amount of time in developmental? Kid should give it up.