Flair Financial Problems, WWE Live Event, Khali Twitter, Anti-Bullying Rally, Former Diva Update

- In addition to the claims of his wife Jacqueline Fliehr, The Charlotte Observer reported on Wednesday that Ric Flair has a federal tax lien for $237,436 in unpaid taxes, interest and penalties and owes the North Carolina Department of Revenue $41,358 in taxes, penalty and interest.

- WWE has announced a live event from Assembly Hall at the University Of Illinois in Champaign, Illinois on February 9, 2013.

- Believe it or not, The Great Khali is now on Twitter @GreatKhaliSays.

- WCSC out of North Charleston, SC has an article on David Otunga and Natalya at Mary Ford Elementary School on Tuesday. The two represented WWE in a “Be a STAR” anti-bullying rally. Click here to read it.

- Former WWE Diva and the real life fiancee of Cody Rhodes, Eden Stiles has launched her own swimwear collection. You can check it out at this link.

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  • William Shatner

    Hopefully Khali can type English better than he can speak it, otherwise we might get it confused with Chewbacca's native wookiee language account.

  • Leo Devlin

    Damn son, Ric Flair went from being the Limousine-riding, Lear-jet flying, wheeling-dealing, kiss stealing, son of a gun to the rent-a-car driving, cheap bus riding, tax-cheatin, no kiss havin son of a b*tch! Wooooooooooo!