Flo Rida Tells Heath Slater He's Coming For Him

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Flo Rida responds to Heath Slater's attack at Wrestlemania XXVIII embedded in the video below:

  • dusty588

    Heat Slater vs Flo Rida – SummerSlam 2012!

  • Vince

    Seriously no offend to flo but id rather see some young talent like kidd or mcintyre fued with him

  • Herman Tank

    I'd like to see Flo Rida fight someone…uh…actually no I wouldn't.

  • David B

    Heath Slater, He comin' for you….. lol

  • Future

    Who else read the headline in a booker t voice and added a extra word

  • WNW Fan

    A match at summerslam would be cool in my opinion

  • Double reversing…

    C’mon throw some digs at 50 Cent or even better “Sug” Knight!

  • Wwe4L76

    Omg, this is why I hate wwe…. Everyone can just come in to wwe and win over the pro wrestlers. Old stupid story, over and over again

  • DoJo

    Wwe4L76 – could not agree more!!! Celebs may get media attention………… BUT it makes wrestling in general look weak – it makes it look like it is an easy profession which is fake & worthless. All fans know how much work the wrestlers put in both physically & mentally & having some celeb come in throw 2 or 3 punches then hit a ‘finisher’ & beat a pro wrestler is absurd……… LT over Bam Bam, mayweather/shaq over Big Show, menounes (sorry don’t know spelling lol) over beth……… Have a celeb lose for authenticity cos at the end of the day they want to use wwe to promote themselves……… So wwe should use celebs the same way!!!!!!!!!!

  • A black man telling a white man that he’s coming for him…someone was a Booker T fan.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Country vs. Rap 2012…. like Mysterio and his posse vs. Mr. Perfect and his posse back in the WCW days (2000) Nah we dont need this one ( IIIIIII hate….. lol)