Florida Roofing Company Files $15,214.92 Lien Against John Cena For Non-Payment

TMZ reported today that a Florida roofing company has filed a lien against the home of John Cena.

The accuser claims they did $15,214.92 worth of work and did not get paid. If Cena refuses to pay, the company would be able to go after the house.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Fernando for sending us the link.

  • Noah

    Being your depts or turn heel cena

  • Lindsay Anderson

    This is bullcrap. Ya know there are other celebrities who get off scotfree. What a time to harass John Cena, during the holidays, why don't people who are hounded for tax evasion pay up. Oh that's right, I forgot, it's who you are in this society.

    • I serve on a condo building's homeowners association. When owners don't pay their fees to the association, our recourse is to put a lien on their property. If they don't pay, we can initiate foreclosure–we either get the money due to us or we get their unit, which can then be sold.

      It's nothing personal, it's just the way businesses resolve issues like this.

    • Jeff

      Personally If I didn’t get paid by someone for doing work I wouldn’t give a **** who it is I would file a lawsuit and find a way to get paid

      • Jake

        Has anyone ever asked the question of wether or not the work was done correctly or to spec? Rather than pointing fingers in any direction, perhaps one should investigate these claims a bit more!?! Like Cena doesn’t have $15 grand laying around anyhow… The face of a billion dollar corporation certainly does. I myself just finished a dispute with the company that replaced my roof 2 YEARS AGO! The work was horrible and I refused to pay until the proper repairs were made. This sorta thing does happen from time to time, but then again, if common sense thinking was common a all, TMZ wouldn’t exist. Too many people are too quick to judge without any knowledge of the issue at all. Ridiculous.

  • diddy

    I wonder if he told the builders that they couldn't see him so he did not have to pay?

  • Dangerous Lee

    Looks like cena is trying to pull a “ric flair”

  • JakShowtime

    So THAAAAAT's why he's suddenly okay with the Cena Sucks t-shirts…

    • TNAsucks


  • XKonn247

    I’m curious about Cena ATM, if not really worried. Is he injured or something? He really isn’t himself on twitter or TV ATM. It’s like he’s suffering depression or something, God forbid. I just been through depression. Least fun thing ever.

    • mathew30

      depression can lead the brain to see things totally differently to those that either havent been through it or have been through it and have a clearer head. what im syaing here my friend is that i believe becuase of the character of cena at the moment, you may be seeing somethign totally different or enhanced of what you see. at the moment they are going with a storyline where hes goign througha lot and dealing with more challenegss then ever before, which is why he looks stressed and pressured.by the way if you ever need to talk (and many may laug at you or myself) but get in touch if you need to talk 🙂

      • Howard Stern

        Right on, many could use a friend like you

    • lukey

      I’ve noticed that also

    • xosilverecho

      Yup, I've been wondering about his difficult month or whatever he referred to recently. Wrestlers get depressed or down too, just like every other person, and people need to lay off him.

      • sean

        exactly wasnt eddie guerrero's suicide due to depression?

  • Fernando

    Don't fear the roofer.

  • Spyder

    This makes me lose a ton of respect for Cena if the accusations are true. Cena, a man that makes MILLIONS of dollars a year, refuses to pay $15,000 for work he had done. Absolutely ludicrous!

    • Paul

      I'm sure there's more to this story. Maybe Cena wasn't happy with the work they did and he was trying to resolve it with them. Who knows?

  • BTB

    Come on Chicago, you had better get a "Pay your roof bill" chant on Raw.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I know Cena is on the road wrestling and all that but if he owes he should pay, my question is this. Didn't Cena get married with in the last year or two to his High school sweetheart? if so why didn't he ask his wife to send the payment in. since he is on the road so much.

    I'm just guessing he is married I thought I read about it with in the last couple years. if he is still single then he should pay it himself if he owes them money.

  • Jim

    I can see the excuse now. He will say that it slipped his mind to pay them because he rarely uses that home and is constantly on the road traveling because of his job. Or an accountant was supposed to pay it and didn’t. Because it’s definitely not like the dude doesn’t have the money to pay this debt.

  • Andy

    Roofers: Right then, Cena. If you're not paying I'll see you in court.
    Cena: No, you won't.
    Roofers: Will!
    Cena. Won't.
    Roofers: Will!
    Cena. Won't.
    Roofers: Will!
    Cena. Won't.

  • spikeywestphal

    thats a lot off money are they sure they not exrateing

  • Jason from Australia

    Give the guy a break, he didn’t work the last pay per view, so he’s missed out on a whole paycheck. He must be struggling financially now.

    • Big Jim

      He's far from struggling. Just because they didn't use him at TLC doesn't mean he didn't get paid. He just didn't get money for working THAT show or the $500 show bonus. If you think about all the other PPV's and show's he's been on in the passed 3 months, along with all the merchandise/royalties, he's perfectly fine. Not to mention all the money he's saved from WWE and the films he's made in the past 10 years. I'm pretty sure the roofers are just trying to get publicity to up their business and to try to get Cena to give them money to settle this.

  • Chris

    Another possible side to this story might be that the roofers either didn’t do the work or did a lousy job. I’ve seen this happen a few times where a contractor does a terrible job, the client refuses to pay, and the contractor puts a lein

    • Chris

      (continued) on the house. This usually ends up in court, with the question being was the quality of work good enough to justify being paid or was the work so bad and negligent that payment should not be made.

  • Andrew

    I wonder if he told them "You can't SUE me!" Get it? Because his catchphrase is "You can't see…" Ugh…nevermind.

    • ease9310

      Yeah I get it!

  • abbathcl


  • ease9310

    John Cena should pay his depths,and now everyone that reads WNW the news,they will think he's a heel!

  • Sandra

    In Florida there are alot of roofers that will swing you out of money they quote you one price and than they see who you are and quote you another price so maybe that's what happen to Cena to answer some question yes you are right he do not looked like himself lately maybe he is stress out about something

  • Irish Noel

    Personally i think its foolish of people to speculate until they know both sides of the story.