Floyd Mayweather Says He’s Returning To WWE At Wrestlemania

Floyd Mayweather says he is returning to WWE at Wrestlemania XXIX next year. Mayweather made the announcement in an interview with Hot 97′s Peter Rosenberg that you can watch embedded in the video below:

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  • Ranfery25

    Won’t he Be took off any plans they might of had for him since he announced it so ahead of time? Just like Shaq

  • Ranfery25

    Wont he Be took off any plans they might of had for him since he announced it so ahead of time? Just like Shaq

  • Kleck

    Ugh…why? Fight Pacquiao already!

  • Mike

    i don't believe it. unless Vince says it…

  • Phillip

    i think u should stick to boxing and leave the wrestling to the pros.

  • urnemystic

    nobody cares because hes not a wrestler. Every appearance has been boring and took away a spot from someone more entertaining.

  • _JIM_

    Please NO, NO, NO!!! If Mayweather wants to do something how about fighting Pacqiou, or however you spell it, and saving you own sport? Boxing is dying and needs that fight in a bad way.


    Pacquiao the one dodging the fight, money wants it

    • George

      "Money" proved he rather be in jail than to fight Pacquiao….

    • Blaze

      Pac man ain't no jon jones bro.

  • adam

    This my feelings on the rock and Brock lesnar. The comes in whenever he wants and takes the WM main events he’s not a wrestler he’s an actor. The lesnar comes in and gets the main event at SS in what was the most boring lead up and worst match. He’s not a wrestler he’s a fighter. Its the same thing with mayweather except we know he wont get the main event but the. There will be 3 spots taken for wrestlers that are there everyday. I hate part timers!

  • Steve Pritchard

    If money really wanted 2 fight pac man . Why did he pull that drug test BS the first time the fight was supposed to happen. Just face it money is scared of package. Money ain’t fighting anyone who could possibly jeopardize his undefeated streak. Which is the BS that’s wrong with boxing right now