Follow-up To Seth Rollins Turning - He Adapted, The Shield Perished

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This week's kayfabe Michael Cole sit-down interview with Triple H is now online. As expected, the piece deals with Seth Rollins defecting to Evolution. Below are the highlights:

  • Regarding Batista "quitting," Triple H said it wasn't the first time he quit or the last. If he wants to run off to Hollywood and play Drax the Destroyer in his Guardians of the Galaxy movie, good for him. Triple H hopes it works out because he knows Dave well enough to know he doesn't have a Plan B.
  • Hunter said he won because The Shield is no more. Cole pressed for why Seth?
  • Triple H said Rollins was the brains and the architect and it's always been him from day one.
  • Cole wants to know why Rollins did what he did, Triple H said to ask him. He said he's going to walk Rollins down to the ring on Smackdown and he's going to tell the WWE Universe exactly what they need to hear.
  • When Cole asked if Triple H was concerned about what Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns would do, he said The Shield doesn't exist anymore. Adapt or perish and Seth Rollins adapted. The Shield perished.

You can watch this week's exchange at this link or embedded in the video below:

  • Mike

    I just hope that by joining Evolution, Seth Rollins fulfills his potential to become a huge singles star. It worked for Randy Orton and Batista so lets hope it works for Seth too. I can’t wait to see how this story progresses. At first I’m guessing maybe tag matches with Orton & Rollins taking on Ambrose & Reigns then a big singles push for Seth Rollins.

    • _lawrenc1

      Actually, I see the possibility Rollins wins the title at MITB. WWE knows the fan base wants a fresh face in one of the top spots, and Rollins has proved he can be the guy in the past (grant you, it wasn’t as big as the WWE, but it’s still experience). He can be a fresh face carrying the company while DB heals. The storyline potential is endless if done carefully.