Following WWE Release, Kelly Kelly Is No More

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Following her WWE release, Kelly Kelly has changed her Twitter account to her real name @TheBarbieBlank.

  • mm

    will she be posing nude in play boy richard

    • Rob Deer

      Yes please

    • Rodrigo

      Lol I hope!

    • Matt Scott

      Why is that the first thing you've thought of?

      • fivogoeswest

        @matt Scott

        Because that’s the only thing she’s good for.

      • Patrick Peralta

        why not?

      • Nick b

        Because that’s how guys think. It’s only natural.

    • Mickey James

      I hope TNA dresses her up like a cowgirl and let’s her wrestle, since this gimmick didn’t work for me.

  • Goo Goo Bean


  • Tony P.

    I’m glad.

  • thebops

    She’s cute and all but I was never a fan… I’m more or a Nattie guy. 🙂

  • smithmiester

    Her real name is the barbie blank?

    • Nick

      Barbara Blank

  • Joey

    Kelly Kelly will go to WCW

    • KevMen

      Wcw?? What are you on about?!

    • Wainwright

      Is she going to travel back in time to do it? That seems like such a GROSS misuse of time travel…

    • Mr.E

      Can’t tell if sarcasm or just very stupid

    • Timmy

      So you are saying that she will return to wwe as wcw is owned by wwe you doofus!

      • Joey

        I was trying to be funny. Sorry everyone. That was a fail on my part.

        • sweeeeeet

          Thought it was funny. Don’t be sorry man. Wish WCW was still around. Didn’t watch the WWF until I heard about the nWo coming to it back in 2002. I know some people like to compare TNA as the today’s WCW but, TNA is no comparison to WCW.

  • Rob Deer

    All I care us if she gets NAKED

  • Rob Deer

    Is not us….stupid auto word

  • Thumpa

    What a fitting surname. Thank god I’ll never see her run the ropes again.

  • Lol at all the typical perverted comments….you guys need to look at the positive. Her wrestling skill was LIGHTYEARS ahead of the Great Khali!

    • Adamtrace

      Lolled at this

      • Synyster

        But sadly that guy was right

  • Eric


  • Angelica

    She’s not even that pretty…

    • Of course a comment like this would come from a girl….,

  • Brad

    Lets face it..she had a way better career, than i ever expected her to have, thanks to the wwe…next time you see her, she will be in tna..