Followup To Ricardo Rodriguez/Alberto Del Rio, The Miz Opens Up

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Followup to Ricardo Rodriguez/Alberto Del Rio

Ricardo Rodriguez teased a followup to his kayfabe "breakup" from World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio for this week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. The following is from Twitter:

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The Miz Opens Up

The Sunshine Coast Daily out of Australia has a new article online featuring quotes from The Miz. In it, he discusses his rise to prominence, the hectic travel schedule of WWE and when the nerves dissipate as a WWE superstar. Click here to read now.

  • Chris

    I wish they would use my idea from

    • Chris
    • Matt

      Instead of shamelessly plugging a link, why not type it here. Getting sick of plugs for arrogance on this site.

      • Because it’s easier to click the link and read the article then it is for him to re-explain what he’s already written.

      • Chris

        I’m getting sick of people missing and moaning about something they can control. Much like those who complain about not liking something on TV or Radio, it’s very simple, IGNORE IT! You don’t like reading it? Scan to see if there’s a link and move on, period.

  • Xpress Ride

    Hopefully, Ricardo was thinking whether to let out the Chimaera side of him or not…

  • Basima

    Please be said that Ricardo Rodriguez will cost Alberto Del Rio his belt at Summer Slam! An attempt to cash in by Damien Sandow on Christian, another failure with the help of Cody Rode avenging his loss earlier on the night!