Footage Of Eric Young After Winning TNA Title, Is He Just A B+ Player?

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TNA posted #Impact365 footage of Eric Young after he won the TNA Championship on this week's episode of Impact Wrestling. You can watch it at this link or embedded in the video below:

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  • WWE redux. Come up with your own ideas, TNA.

  • While I’ve been an EY fan since ‘Don’t Fire EY!’, the night he wrestled through his match while the building was on fire, then went out and hung with the fans in the parking lot, and when TNA screwed up with legalities and couldn’t hold their show in Conn. EY, along with AJ and other wrestlers, went out to the parking lot and hung out with the fans and signed autographs for hours. The police chief stated that if there would have been a riot had the wrestlers, specifically EY and AJ, had not stepped up and given the fans so much that night.

    All that being said, EY has been crapped on over and over by TNA, and while he deserves so much more, and should have been champ well before this, we all know that the reason he’s champ now is because of how much he looks like Bryan, and that he’s the same type of underdog. I love EY, but this wasn’t the way to strap the very deserving man.

  • Michael

    Tommy Dreamer is the only man to be on a WWE telecast (Hall of Fame) one day and 5 days later be on a rival show. Lol

    Booking is questionable but EY deserves his opportunity.