Footage From The TNA Hall Of Fame Ceremony

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Embedded in the video below is footage from the TNA Hall of Fame Ceremony uploaded on the official YouTube channel of TNA Wrestling:

  • Hitman310

    Nice to see Hogan went all out and dressed in style for this occasion..

  • Angel Psymon

    Had the sound off due to work, but I didn't see Christian. I hope he was there so that he can be part of the WWE's storyline again.

  • Trel67

    Wow. During Lexs speech, with that soft piano music playing I though Lex was going to say ‘I don’t know how to quit you”

  • XKonn247

    I find the idea of TNA having a hall of fame embarrassing but surely someone like AJ Styles was more appropriate?

    • Hitman310

      I agree or even Jeff Jarrett.

  • GamerX1331

    That was a hall of fame ceremony? Looked like more of a dinner reception at a old folks home cafeteria…in a cheap motel conference room. This is proof that TNA is going no where fast.

  • ted

    big deal. tna inducted sting. do you think wwe cares? sting is middle aged now. it is not like he is drawing ratings or money for tna. the guy does not even work houseshows which is why tna gets less than 500 fans on a regular basis.

    sting should have retired in 2001 . there are many fans who watched wcw who think that both hogan and sting are retired because tna having them is not bringing in those long time wcw fans in any manner.