Footage Of Chris Jericho Backstage At Last Night's Raw Supershow

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The official WWE website attempted to "interview" Chris Jericho backstage after his return on last night's Raw Supershow. Jericho doesn't answer any questions but just smiles and walks away.  When asked if he's going to be in the 30-man Royal Rumble match, he turns his jacket on where it lights up (seriously). You can view the video footage at this link.

  • Dangerous Lee

    I completely lost it when Jericho stopped and turned on his jacket. Lol.

    • monty

      lol vince needs to find someone else besides y2j behind these videos, the guy can't make a come back if he was on tc not that long ago to begin with. but i feel like RAW is missing some star power so this should help, i hope we see a long and well thought out feud between cm punk and y2j. both men have been around the blocks a few times so both have the power to make some changes backstage involving their stories

      • Jon Robertson

        Raw is missing star power?! Smackdown needs the star power…

      • Nia

        I want the old divas bak and hbk

  • XKonn247

    I loved when his jacket lit up. And some dude just says “that’s pretty cool”

  • Logan_Walker

    haha did you hear the guy "whats up with this guy

  • Dave

    The way he just stops and turn's the lights on, is awesome.

  • jdl

    I'm incapable of viewing the videos for some reason, but I can't deny that Jericho's jacket amuses the crap out of me. I want one! 😛

  • Tim

    Since when this website become a shrine to its owner? I'll tell 'em what they need! They need a tiny Richard Gray picture to accompany every news article and a little biography so they know their master. You know, or they could just access my Facebook for that exact info.

    • CaliburUK


    • huz


  • Miguel_Z

    Is he wearing heels?

    He needs to led his hair grow cause he looks femaleish.. Especially with that walk.. Glad his back thou. He’s coming after CM PUNK for WrestleMania. Months ago when punk mentioned Jerichos name during a pipe bomb.. Y2J later twitted how Punk needs to keep his name out of his mouth.

    • Mrpopandlock

      This is going to sound crazy. But do u think that he is meant to look feminine. This is a long shot. But Chris was crossed out on the notebook. Maybe he is gonna be like the girl is in his head telling him what to do like part of his persona. He said he wanted to do something different. Way out there but an idea

  • Jaryd

    Im pretty sure it's gunna just end up that he turns heel, and calls everyone puppets and parasites again for being so easily manipulated, although I'd prefer if he was a more upbeat heel this time as he has so much energy that the calmly spoken evil guy gimmick seems a waste on him.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Yay i'm back!!! I'm gonna come out with a lit-up jacket, run around like a nut and seek audience approval for about 15 MINUTES WITHOUT SAYIN A WORD ABOUT WHY I'M HERE IN DA FIRST PLACE!!!! WTF, AYATOLLAH!!!!

    • bettysteve

      l agree. was laughing with the wife, telling her that he had a 20 min segment he had to fill, he did it by running around the arena getting the fans yelling…..and him saying….NOTHING!!! even when the fans quieted down, l said to her, he got another 10 mins to kill, so he starts geting SECTIONS of the crowd chanting for him?! not bad, paid for 20 mins "work" for doing…nothing?!

  • Isaac

    Does anybody think he might have like a crazy type gimmick this time around seen Chris said you should always be different he didnt wanna come back the same but yea speaking on the crazy gimmick idk something where orton punted him in the head made him crazy idk what do you guys think?

  • Moose666

    I think he and WWE are doing just what they wanted to do, create a buzz around Y2J. Whether it is good or bad, it is attention, period. He went from a face reaction to heel in a matter of minutes. If they are going for a heel reaction, they nailed it. Love him or hate him, he can create what ever reaction the writers desire at the drop of a hat. I for one am glad he is back. If anything, he can tutor the younger guys on how it's supposed to be done.

  • drhaase

    yet another reason why Jericho is better than everyone

  • smmorris729

    Let us not forget, before Monday, his last appearance was him getting punted by Randy Orton. He’s obviously suffered some brain damage.
    Honestly though I feel like sooner than later he’s going to get on the mic and say something to the effect of “I laughed. I smiled. I danced like the puppet you wanted. I did what CM Punk is doing. I’m smiling and not saying anything. That makes him the best in the world and puts me on his level for doing the exact same thing”. Just my guess. I’m probably wrong though. It happens.

  • Laura

    I want Chris's jacket! Who do I have to bribe?? With money??

  • Andy

    Chris Jericho is an absolute genius. Just watched Raw (yes, I'm a little behind) and I absolutely loved that segment. It shows how he can get the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand, exactly as he wants them to do, and I think that was the point. I can't wait to see where this angle goes, and I REALLY hope it goes in C.M. Punk's direction. That would be anawesome programme.

  • Jack Hughes

    Something I have not seen from anyone-could it possibly be that "she"might be Stephanie McMahon?It would
    be perfect!She has been working out pretty hard to lose that excess weight.Possibly to look good on tv.They could go with the premise of getting back at Punk for the comments he made about her being clueless and idiotic.Would be a great storyline!

  • joe

    wish he'd go back to that whole king of the world gimmick