Footage Of Diamond Dallas Page & Jake Roberts Recruiting Scott Hall

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Diamond Dallas Page has posted a video of Jake Roberts and himself calling Scott Hall in order to get him to move in with them. Page credits Sean Waltman with asking him to help Hall. In the video, Hall says that he's "dying" and he has been "drinking vodka for breakfast," but he eventually agrees to move to Atlanta. The video is embedded below:

  • Rigel

    this is a really sad story… god bless DDP for doing this

  • Future champ

    Ddp for h o f

  • 1molly23

    How very tragic. Scott Hall probably can’t remember the last time he had a sober day. Such a waste of a talented human being.

  • Kleck

    This might be the break Scott needs. This is the biggest support system he requires for success. I’m very happy to see Dallas running such a positive program. I think this might be what finally frees Hall from this demon.

  • Chris

    That’s awesome!! I hope Hall goes through with it!!!

  • quiknkold

    God Speed, DDP. Save him. Please Save Him.

  • Andy Singh

    That was actually quite moving, With all the wrestlers dying young due to drug and alcohol abuse, it’s really good to see DDP trying to help some of the “lost wrestlers” live younger. Wishing you all the best DDP, Jake and Scott!

  • gotta give mad respect to DDP for doing this given time and time again how Scott Hall has tried and failed. Hopefully DDP can finally be the one to give Scott the help and support he needs to combat his demons

  • Crazy stuff…. I hope DDP can work his magic. Such a sad thing to listen to Scott Hall ramble on barely knowing whats going on. I have so much respect for DDP.

  • First was the veteran he helped out, then his wrestling “brothers” Jake & Scott…I’d say Page is destined for sainthood.

  • Seriously, God Bless DDP for his heart of hearts. I’ve seen some of the lives he’s changed from his positive attitude and killer work outs, that man is someone very special. and just from that picture, Jake the Snake looks a lot better than the last time I saw him.

  • I really started to cry to this… wow…

  • browniestomouths

    Not sure how anyone actually watched this. I get “This video is private” when I try to watch.