Formation Of A Pro Wrestling Union, When Dolph Ziggler Will "Cash In," Alex Shelley Blocked From Going To WWE, Judging CM Punk's Heel Turn

With growing concerns from WWE talent about the pay and compensation they are receiving; can you see a union for professional wrestlers forming in the future?

We get questions from time-to-time about a pro wrestling union with the issue really being brought the the forefront after the Benoit tragedy, however, I don't see how it would be possible. Performer's contracts in WWE are signed as independent contractor agreements, where the workers agree they are not classified as employees even though the company stipulates very specifically when and where they can work. Former workers have challenged the contracts in court, however, they are iron clad in terms of validity and enforcement.

When will Dolph Ziggler "cash in" his Money in the Bank briefcase?

WWE is currently programming Dolph Ziggler with Chris Jericho, which will hopefully culminate with a SummerSlam bout between the two with some type of "passing of the torch" from Jericho to Ziggler (as Jericho is slated time off to tour with Fozzy). I would look for WWE to play up Ziggler as the Money in the Bank winner before any real attempt to "cash in" takes place despite continuing teases due to how quickly they had John Cena "cash in." I'm hopeful Ziggler is able to get over as a top heel in the program with Jericho that will lead to a World title reign in the future.

What's the latest on Alex Shelley? Many believed he was supposed to sign with WWE but there haven't been many updates on him for a while. Is he still set to go?

Alex Shelley to WWE fell apart with TNA's lawsuit they filed against WWE and Brian Wittenstein where they alleged contract tampering. The last I heard, Shelley was looking to take time off from the wrestling business and had enrolled to take some college classes.

What are your thoughts on CM Punk as a heel? In my opinion CM Punk is a good heel but a great babyface and role model.

I have noticed quite a few readers already crapping on CM Punk's heel turn, however, it's far too early to judge. I'm going to give it some time to see how it plays out before I judge one way or another. Punk is a talented guy capable of working as both babyface and heel so my advice to you (and anyone else ready to judge) is to have patience with it.

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  • Bryan

    The IWC was upset last year when Punk turned face, and now they are upset that he is a heel again. I remember an interview with him saying that people are so quick to judge something and dont give it enough time to play out and see what happens. But I think this is just another case of the IWC not being happy with anything, no matter what happens.

    • Dave

      And that is why Vince will never care about what the IWC thinks. He already knows there's no pleasing that bunch. I bet if they did a three hour RAW with nothing but wrestling match after wrestling match, they would complain there isn't enough mic time for workers or backstage skits to help the storyline evolve and move along.

  • Voice of Wrestling

    What is the news on Dean Ambrose? Is he getting called up to the main roster since he is not in NXT?

  • Daniel Lim'ass

    Pretty much loved the heel Punk. However, don't turn Punk back to the heel where he's a coward and buried by The Big Show day-in and day-out. He's now CM Punk who got the "Pipe Bomb" as his secret weapon, the "Best In The World" heel. Current WWE's heel criteria (coward, run away from matches, suck up to boss) doesn't seems fit for Punk because he's not when he was a face. Be creative, WWE's "creative" team!

    • Gary

      Unfortunately, the creative team lacks any true creativity because they lack any true writers.

  • CrankyVince

    Definitely bring in Alex Shelley when they can for a cruiserweight/light heavyweight division. He has always been the more charismatic of the Guns. Or bring him in with Sabin when he becomes available for the tag team division.

  • christopher525

    I think they'll have Mr. Ziggles take out Jericho early in the night, then have him cash in later in the night and take the title.

  • ExcitedApathy

    I've always liked CM Punk as a heel. Especially when he turns the Straight Edge life around on the fans, "I'm Straight Edge, which means I'm better than you.", rather then yelling about getting respect because he's the champion. I'll reserve judgement on whether his "heel turn" (since I'm not convinced it is a heel turn, it's more of a morally gray turn) is good or not.

  • Matt

    CM Punk has proven mic skills so whatever direction they turn him, heel or babyface, he's going to sell it well and remain in the spotlight. He has the in ring work to back it up.


    Your right Richard on the whole be patient with Punks heel turn. Several readers didn't think much of Brodus Clays change but in my opinion he's made it work.

  • RobUK

    Why is it they have turned punk in preparation for what I think will be a Mach versus Rocky at the Royal Rumble, but they didn’t try and turn Cena when he faced The Rock last year? Honestly I think Cena is one of the few wrestlers in history to never have a heel turn.