Former NFL Player Wants To Wrestle, JBL Update, Zack Ryder On Bringing Social Media To WWE

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Former NFL Player Pursuing Pro Wrestling

Former Falcons offensive lineman Quinn Ojinnaka is pursuing a career in pro wrestling now that his NFL career has ended. Daniel Cox has the story here at

JBL Update

JBL reached the top of the French Alps on Wednesday. The climb was part of his Seven Summits campaign to benefit children. JBL's wife, Meredith Whitney, is on the climb with him.

Zack Ryder on Bringing Social Media to WWE's Attention

The West Australian has a new article featuring quotes from Zack Ryder where he discusses bringing social media to WWE's attention. Click here to read it.

  • Patrick

    I knew he was climbing mountains but didn’t realise this was the reason he was not on RAW this week. I just figured he had the night off.

  • Kenneth

    Didn’t realise Ryder was still gainfully employed.