Former World Champion To Be Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

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As previously reported on, Yokozuna is the next inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame. The announcement was made during this week's Smackdown tapings. The late Yokozuna will join Edge, The Four Horsemen, Ron Simmons, Mike Tyson, and Mil Mascaras in the 2012 Class.

The official WWE website is promoting an official announcement of the next inductee at 10 AM ET tomorrow. Click here to view it.

The 2012 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony will take place the night before Wrestlemania XXVIII, Saturday, March 31, 2012 from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

  • smoothjj7

    Nice, now this is a great hall of fame class year. You have so many greats from so many different times.

  • kevin

    Awesome very happy for him and his family

  • Agent Hastings

    In the words of Daniel Bryan YES YES YES this is well deserved. Much love to him. All we now is owen!!!

    • stoney

      owen should go in the hall of fame but his wife won't let the WWE do it

      • AJG316

        Why won't she let wwe do it??? Owen deserves it she should respect that

        • XKonn247

          It’s all down to who she blames for the accident. She’s very bitter about it, even going as far as to not letting Bret see his nieces and nephews for years.

        • Stoney

          Remember he died at a WWE PPV, it was an equipment malfunction occurred during his entrance from the rafters

  • Guest

    More than deserved induction for Yokozuna, but I'd rather it of been Macho in all honest with it being in his home state, but there's always next year in the state he won his first World title.

  • H.M.

    Awesome. This years HoF actually looks to be legit.

  • mathew30

    I will only ever take this hall of fame seriously when they finally induct owen hart

    • kevin

      They want too bret wants it too you people that keep saying that need to understand his wife will never let that happen

      • mathew30

        and wheres the proof that she has stated this.

  • Wwe4L76

    Finaly a 110% good HOF

  • Maz

    You have remember that bret was and us z wrestling fan. For Owen it was a job that he didn’t really want but only did it cos he got turned out a job from the fire dept.
    Owen’s wife hates the wrestling industry, she won’t let he kids watch it, and won’t let her husband anywhere near the hall of fame. Wwe are more than happy to induct him.

    • mathew30

      shes hates it because the wwf/wwe tried to say it wasn't their fault and even tried to blame Owen and her. and to say Owen hated wrestling makes me question your knowledge of wrestling

  • Bryan

    Yokozuna deserves it, Im glad he is going in this year and Im sure The Rock will induct him since they are related. I really hope in the next year or two Vince puts Randy Savage in the hall of fame. I just wish he did it while he was still alive.

    • kevin

      Savage has heat with vince and triple h never happen. I think it should but it won’t.

  • Mike

    Surprised no one commented on Yoko needing his own wing…

  • Dojo

    I thought Yoko was a great wrestler & defo one of the guys I was in awe of as a kid……….. But I met him once – just a couple of days before he sadly passed – when I was about 11yrs old & he was kind of rude 🙁 I had my Yoko figure & asked him to sign it & he stared straight at me & said ‘I ain’t signing s**t’!!!!!! Greg Valentine was there as well, fighting on the same card & he not only signed my valentine toy he also posed for pics and gave Yoko the evil eye!!!!!!!!! I will always remember that night………. However having said that since I have ‘grown’ up I have heard people say what a nice guy he was…….. So I would put it down to a bad day lol just thought I would share it with you all!!!!!!!!

  • AJG316

    Reading all these comments make me think if I'm just if I'm the only one here who is a younger fan???


    I want Batt-Man the WWF wrestler to be inducted into the WWE HALL OF FAME SOMETIME!!