Former WWE Announcer Says There's A Real Problem With Evan Bourne

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Former WWE and current ESPN personality Todd Grisham wrote the following on Twitter:

WWE announced earlier this morning that Bourne had been suspended effective immediately for 60 days for his second violation of their company Wellness Policy.


    I really don’t understand why they keep doing it even when they living there dream.

    • Matt Scott

      Few factors. A) Addiction. I’m a smoker, only tobacco, and if I wanted to quit I know for a fact it would be incredibly difficult. B) Pain. Marijuana is a pain reliever. C) Its easy for a guy making mid card WWE money to afford synthetic marijuana.

      • jdl

        It would be even easier for a WWE midcarder to afford real marijuana, which the WWE hasn't banned and doesn't bother to fine for anymore. Which begs the question, what the hell is wrong with Bourne?

        • Kerri

          Just to let you know- they do still fine workers $2,500. that test positive for real marijuana. Why else would the guys start smoking 'spice' to begin with? Maybe to avoid, I don't know, some type of fine.

          • jdl

            I don't believe they actually do fine them for pot anymore, it's been ages since the topic came up and we all know there are a lot of pot heads working for the WWE.

            Either way, being suspended for a month and losing that income is worse than a fine. Especially considering the pay is likely greater than the fine, especially in the case of a 60 day fine. So by your logic Bourne endangered his health, as Spice, unlike pot, has some dangerous side effects, he killed his push and likely hurt Kofi's as well, he's lost thousands in income and he's now very likely put himself on the future endeavors list simply for a recreational drug that he'd be fined for if he had used the actual substance. Sorry, but I'm not seeing the benefit of the real stuff over the fake at this point.

          • Kerri

            While you may not believe that they fine them anymore- that's fine, but don't make it seem like your belief is a fact. And it's not 'by my logic'- its straight up WWE's!!

            I'm not arguing with you that being suspended over 'fake pot' and being fined for the real stuff is stupid- it is! But if you read WWE's Wellness Policy- it clearly states that is what will happen to workers. It's very hypocritical of WWE to do this- given that 'spice' is legal while pot is not- but that is the case. It might not be a topic that is brought up anymore because just like you said- there are plenty of pot heads in WWE (allegedly) and it's a common thing and WWE has the thought of "as long as they pay the fine."

            Back to Bourne- I really would like to know exactly what he tested positive for. If it's the same as the first time, I would almost believe that it might of been intentional on Bourne's part- it's been reported he has major heat- maybe he just got a bad attitude from the backlash he got over Truth and did this in spite, who knows? Whatever the case may be- 100% completely Bourne's fault.

        • @RatedMKD

          I dunno the details behind it, but maybe it's harder to test positive for Spice than real marijuana. And maybe there's other circumstances around the policy. I don't want to seem like I'm justifying Bourne's actions, because I'm not (love alcohol, but never smoked real or fake pot in my life), but unless anyone here is familiar with the T&Cs of WWE contracts, then they can't really comment definitively. All for speaking opinions, though!

      • JBH

        You forgot another factor. Boredom. It can't be fun being on the road almost all the time.

  • Wwe4L76

    Poor guy. I have so much respect for all the guys in WWE

    • jdl

      Really? You have respect for someone stupid enough to endanger their employment by using illegal drugs more than once?

      • HPK

        Get off Your High-Horse !!!

        • jdl

          What high horse? I'm not riding any type of horse. If I worked a job at which a particular substance was banned, I would not take that substance in fear of losing my job. Why? I have a brain. Bourne tested positive for it once, got suspended, so what does he do? Instead of stopping, he does it again.

          • Wwe4L76

            I do respect all they do for the fans every night. So many people in the world dont go to work because of headake or somthing like that. In wwe they get beat up every day, and many for years and years. Thats why I respect them

  • rkodmr

    I’m no longer a fan of this guy and don’t respect him. IF he gets his act together I may return as a fan but it would take a lot

    • James

      You make it sounds as if he has killed someone.

  • Synyster

    We don’t know very much about the situation so who are we to judge Evan may need real help. If that’s the case shouldn’t he get support to stop not be dissed or put down?

  • Paul w

    We get it bourne messed up he is getting punished for it so why are most of u bitching abouy the guy?? Unless ur working within the wwe or have experience u have no idea what or why, jdl sorry but u are on ur high horse, has it ever occured that maybe bourne is mentally suffering and granted its stupid but is turning to drugs to get through it, these guys go through shows like we go through dinners so lets just give them a break when they mess up.