Former WWE Developmental Worker Unloads On Bill DeMott

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Former WWE developmental talent Kevin Matthews unloaded on NXT trainer Bill DeMott over the weekend on Twitter. Matthews claimed he was going to expose every "crooked" thing DeMott did and put it out there. DeMott responded with the following Tweet:


  • Dave Barton

    I've seen Matthews on the indy scene. He was good.

  • David Snay

    I've been reading some of Kevin Mathews' tweets. Although he denies it, he sounds very bitter. His ego is substantially bigger than his drawing power. He bashes TNA quite a bit (brilliant career move), along with blaming Bill DeMott for all that is wrong in the world. Hope you have better luck in your next career choice choice, Kevin, because your ego and mouth have ended this opportunity.

  • Jeff Block

    I can personally attest that Bill DeMott's confused father used to come to the ring while Bill was conducting training sessions!!!! HAHA