Former WWE Female Star Accused Of Racism; CM Punk Appearing On MTV Tonight

Former WWE Female Star Accused Of Racism

Former WWE female star and Funkadactyl Cameron is causing a bit of a stir after a recent interview with TMZ Sports in which she said she doesn't date black guys. "I just have a thing for white boys - a little vanilla, a little chocolate - they make cute babies" is what the former diva said, which had some people accusing her of being racist.

She clarified in a later video that she just has preferences and meant nothing derogatory. She said she had dated black guys in the past and just preferred to be with white guys.


CM Punk Appearing On MTV Tonight

CM Punk will make his return to television tonight at 9pm ET on the new season of The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros that will take place over the course of six weeks. The show will feature professional athletes competing against former reality stars featured on the long-running series. Punk also made an appearance in the trailer:


  • Splat

    I was never a Cameron fan but people are trying to make something out of nothing. That is nothing new in this day and age…

  • Buzzkiller73

    Who cares what Camerons preference in men is. I don’t care if she likes purple men. And it is not racist to say you prefer one to the other its called personal opinion and everyone has one.

  • BlackWhiteOcean

    I’m Black as fresh road pavement, but my personal preference just happens to be White and Asian.

    That’s what attracts me, Nothing racist about it.

    I’m with her.

    • Terra Ryzing

      I’m 1/2 black and I prefer leggy brunette’s myself. If I had it completely up to me though my pick would be Zoe Saldana in her Guardians of the Galaxy get up, green skin and all!!