Former WWE NXT Worker Discusses Backstage Politics

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Dublin native Joey Cabray discussed his time in WWE developmental with the Independent. Below is an excerpt from his comments, where he hit on the backstage politics:

"It was like a shark tank," he says.

"It just wasn’t for me. I’m not really good at politicking. There was a lot underhandedness; it was kind of wearing thin on me. I’d rather get by on just my talent alone," he says, more with honesty than bitterness.

Click here to read the piece in its entirety.

Thanks to WNW reader Charlie Smyth for sending the link.

  • BigMike

    Unfortunately, he is right… how else could it explain why Sami Zayn is still in NXT, Letting Punk go, Adam Rose with this persona; not signing AJ STyles, Letting CHris Hero go and the debacle they call a women’s division that WWE seriously destroyed