Former WWE Talent Threatening To Sell Copy Of Their Contract

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Former WWE developmental worker Chad Baxter, whose real name is Derek Foore, is threatening to sell his former WWE contract. He wrote the following on Twitter:

While the Twitter account is not verified, it is legitimate and plugged on Baxter's NXT profile that is still online at this link. He was signed to a developmental contract last summer and released in November. Baxter was known for his amateur wrestling career as he won a national championship with Notre Dame in 2010.

  • Kleck

    So if WWE = PIMP
    Derek Foore = former trick

    • michael

      Pimpin ain’t easy

  • James

    Well if this guy totally wants to burn the WWE bridge, this is the way to do it. I know many talents who gets fired then rehired ie Ryback, Daniel Bryan, and so on. If this guy did not like this idea so much, why did he sign in the first place?

    • Patrick

      because like every other young wrestler trying to get to WWE he thought it would be better then it turned out to really be… he learned just because you are in WWE doesn’t mean your in a main event with Orton, HHH or Cena. you still have to work hard and earn your way to the top. add the fact he is like any wrestler who gets fired he is bitter about it.

  • Tna

    I would buy it …

  • Dave Barton

    I see this being more about being an employee vs being an independent contractor…he’s talking about the handcuffs WWE puts on you while denying you’re an employee.

  • Chris

    Isn’t Smith Hart the one who keeps complaining about WWE?

  • Eric


  • Sean

    I see this as Derek being a cry baby who wasn’t cut out to be a WWE wrestler. Now he is mad and is going to go on his little a temper tantrum in hopes of getting some needed attention.

    • Bobby Welday

      Shut up clown say it to his face.known him since grade school deff not a clown but a man of his word and legend . But bet u wouldnt say it to his face clown sounds to me like he wants other young men to watch and learn a lesson on this situation doubt hes crying instead hes prob doing better then u ppl on here trying to degrade his name

  • K!NG

    Cant be any worse then when they found mike knox’s wwe contract at his old house in a shoe box w i think steroids in it