Former WWE Women's Champion Posts WWE Royalty Earnings On Facebook

Former WWE Women's Champion Madusa has the IWC buzzing this morning regarding royalty earnings from WWE that she posted on her Facebook page. The image below is what she posted , which appears to be a check stub:

From Madusa: This is why I love the WWE and my royalty checks from them.... Market market market!

Photo Credit: Madusa Facebook

  • thatguy

    That is a crazy amount of money just for being featured in a video for about 3 mins

    • Ben

      In other news, former wwe star ‘madusa’ being investigated by the tax office?

  • Ace

    Thats it. I'm quitting my job and going into wrestling

  • Moist Farts Stink!!

    wonder if that paid for her new boob job!

    • Ace


  • PainOfDemise

    Dollar dollar bills ya'll….

    That's just crazy.

  • matt

    holy crap, she's in a total of like 5 minutes in those movies and she got that much? I'm becoming a WWE Superstar, just for a little bit, lol dang

  • Dave L

    That brings into question the amount of money some talent makes doing dvd's that are featured in excess of 10 – 20 min…and above..

  • Irish Noel

    The I.R.S. will love this. Epic fail!

  • Philip Thompson

    Wow, and those are earnings for just one quarter! Surely she isn't earning $1million plus per year from WWE and she just posted this because this royalty cheque was so big compared to her normal royaly cheque?