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Shares 0 ran an article on Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling. The piece doesn't offer any new information but questions if there is room for another pro wrestling promotion, citing WWE's stock regression since the announcement of their new TV licensing deal with NBCUniversal.

Jarrett believes there has never been more interest and brings up how successful The Rock has been in Hollywood.

“If you want proof of how big wrestling is, just look at Hollywood. The Rock went to Hollywood and came back to the WWE 10 years later as the hottest actor in the world. He’s a third-generation wrestler, as I am, and he’s the hottest box office attraction out there.”

Jarrett says there is a lot of interest from a talent standpoint, with "veterans, beginners, and everything in between."

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  • SweetCyn

    Did he compare himself to the Rock?

  • Bob’s Diner

    So The Rock is popular in Hollywood, so that means wrestling is now more popular than ever? Despite ratings being average and PPV buyrates tumbling the last few years?

    Great logic

    • vince mcmahon rules

      jeff Jarrett is trying to con people into believing that wrestling fans want another company to support when the wrestling fan base has shrunk to the point that wwe is the only promotion that is thriving in the industry from a monetary standpoint.
      rock is a part timer in wwe and built his star power in Hollywood in spite of his pro wrestling career and not because of it.
      jeff Jarrett is just blowing smoke on trying to make it seem like fans want a new promotion instead of making it seem like he is starting one because tna is a joke and wwe has ZERO interest in doing business with him ever again

  • Scott Davies

    I get trying to boost your company as a huge deal. He is a promoter that’s his job. But come on like The Rock? The Rock could sell his company 50 times over with short change.

  • DW

    I wonder when I could buy stock in this. Theoretically, in the beginning it should be profatable. But I also feel that there will be a peak time to sell, if you actual watched wrestling….I feel like anyone can predict it.