Fox Sports Covers Brandon Jacobs’ Appearance On Impact Wrestling; Dixie Carter Says She’s Discussing His Post-Football Career

-Fox Sports has a new article about Brandon Jacobs‘ appearance on Impact Wrestling and his possible future as a professional wrestler. In the article, Dixie Carter is quoted as saying the following:

“If you watch Brandon on Impact Wrestling, you’ll see he has instincts you can’t teach and a real talent for this business. We have already been talking about life after his football career and are both very excited about the potential.โ€

Click here to read the article.

Carter also had the following to say on the subject on her Twitter account:


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  • CJizzle

    So she has a locker room full of talented WRESTLERS, yet she rather use a football player with little to no star power….This is why TNA will never be on a WWE level

  • Shea

    I wouldn’t mind Jacobs in IW. That chokeslam looked pretty good for someone who’s never wrestled before. And he has his crazy eyes haha