Frankie Kazarian Finished With TNA, Global Force Wrestling Bound?

Frankie Kazarian finished up with TNA at the One Night Only pay-per-view taping in Orlando, Florida on Saturday. He's been long rumored to be on his way out, following not renewing his contract with the company. Christopher Daniels, his tag team partner in Bad Influence, is also gone.

We confirmed here on Premium on April 22, 2014 that both Kazarian and Daniels had interest from Jeff Jarrett's upstart Global Force Wrestling promotion.

  • TNA Now Sucks

    Stupid TNA losing a star like Kaz while having MVP main event if ever there was a sign of #boundforbankruptcy. WWE should seriously consider Kaz and Daniels as they are comedy gold and even the MCGMG’s.

    • TNA Now Sucks


    • Vic Jose

      Why would WWE after nearly 20 years finally decide to bring in Daniels now? I doubt that would happen

  • Whammaster

    Christopher Daniels, Kaz, and Petty Williams were big reason i started to watch TNA. Then Bad Influence with their attitude. Its a dam shame TNA cant seem to keep great talent such as Kaz and Daniels, as they were one of the few i enjoyed every time i heard that very catchy entrance music. What a dam shame.

    • Vic Jose

      TNA continues to go downhill and Jarrett has his hands in it still, lol, not good for them at all.

  • kingdook24

    Does TNA even have a roster anymore?

  • a7beeny

    OMG .. tna is done .. losing all their original stars !!!

  • Stoney

    I always thought TNA would get better after the Orange Goblin (Hogan) and his right hand man left, but it seems to getting worse