Fred Durst Denies Rumor He Was Tossed From SummerSlam

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There is a story going around that Fred Durst was tossed from SummerSlam for giving the camera the middle finger when he was shown on the pay-per-view broadcast.

Durst has emphatically denied the rumor on Twitter. Below are his Tweets:

There were other Tweets Durst has since deleted where he claimed he left early to beat the traffic and WWE was his family.

  • CJ

    The wwe is PG now mr durst!!!! Naughty naughty!!!!!!!!

  • Topherrulez

    Really, Really Fred “f ing” Durst makes your headlines. Wow this PPV most have sucked!

    • Hardy

      By the sounds of it this was the most entertaining part of the ppv.

  • Kleck

    Still a D-Bag

  • TheAwesome1

    The only good thing about the PPV.

  • _JIM_

    Why won’t this guy just go away? Your 10 minutes of fame was over 10 years ago thankfully. Guess he didn’t get the memo…

  • Y2Jay

    funny how him flipping the birdie is horrible… damn kids they make austin put up his fists not the birdie…bloody hell whats next?? dx is gonna have three words for you?? stay in school lolol