Full Details On Ric Flair Possibly Returning To WWE

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To address the multitude of emails we've received regarding Ric Flair possibly returning to WWE, here's the latest.

Flair's contract with TNA Wrestling expired in September although he made his first post-TNA appearance at the "Gathering of the Juggalos" in August. We first noted in May that Flair was looking to return to WWE. Flair's desire to return was heavily influenced by his daughter Ashley signing a WWE developmental contract. We were told Flair at the time was exploring his options both on and off screen to return to WWE in hopes he'd be able to keep a closer eye on his daughter's career.

This resulted in TNA filing a lawsuit against WWE on allegations of contract tampering. A hiring freeze was then enacted in WWE where they refused to hire any talent with expiring TNA contracts. Not only that but the company has shied away from signing any worker employed in TNA while Brian Wittenstein (also being sued in the same lawsuit by TNA) worked there as an office employee.

Last week, we heard again that Flair "fully intends" to return to WWE and was waiting on the ongoing litigation to be resolved. We were told the feeling was if the issues weren't resolved soon that WWE would "get creative" to find a way to bring him back.

With WWE Raw taking place in Flair's hometown of Charlotte, NC next Monday night there's a lot of buzz it could mark the return of Flair to WWE television. We have not heard that although when we broke the news WWE was looking to replace AJ Lee as the Raw General Manager in September, we noted Flair's name was brought up in the angle in addition to Vickie Guerrero. However, adding to the litigation/contract issues, there was concern about putting Flair in a situation where he would have a live mic although it wasn't completely dismissed either.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Wwe should have Flair be the camera guy who sees the Cena and AJ thing so Vicki hires him back.

  • I will never forget the time a couple years ago when Flair was cutting a promo on Impact and out of nowhere he starts bleeding profusely from his head just from speaking.

    • Ken

      If that happened in the WWE he'd have some serious heat for adding unapproved colour to his promo and would get buried.

  • KingKongBrody

    Omg just end this lawsuit already its so stupid.

  • thebops

    How about transferring Booker to Raw and giving Flair a role on Smackdown. This aleviates the ‘live mic’ problem.

  • Ken

    While I hope the lawsuit gets settled soon I don't know if I'm looking forward to a Flair return.
    Don't misunderstand, I've nothing but respect for the man, but I feel like I already know everything he's going to say or do, and even if they did a nostalgia run with him (nostalgia about the last time they did a nostalgia run with him, which really was a nostalgia run about the nostalgia run before that) he's too old and beaten up at this point in his career to offer anything of value.
    Put him training younger talent, fine. Put him scouting and doing ambassador stuff like he did before, fine. Maybe give him a producer type of role if he proves himself reliable, whatever.
    Just please don't put him on screen on a regular basis.

  • Patrick Peralta

    The whole Cena / AJ love angle is stupid….AJ is removed from being RAW GM because she supposeably had a romance with Cena and it is conflect of interest…..YET they replace her with Vickie who MARRIED EDGE and had afair with with Big Show and they chose to ignore it and why because WWE thinks Fans are stupid and will not remember that. so how come Vickie wasn't removed at the time………….. god this is just plain stupid..

    I say put Flair back in charge of RAW….I'm sick of them going to Vickie all the time they need a heel GM… Vickie being in charge did only one good thing it split her up from Ziggler. thank God he doesn't need her anymore.

  • unknown

    with Vickie being the raw managing supervisor he should become Dolph's manager. kinda teach him to be like a new age nature boy

    • anthony

      TNA did that…several times lol they even formed a stable

  • chris

    It’s funny you mention flair-ziggler connection because didn’t he use the figure four on raw and JR made a comment like “many nature boys have used this move to get to the top”.. maybe JR gave it away

  • Have Flair manage AJ . TNA should take a chance and get or attempt to get bigger crowds. There lacks that buzz in the air and no matter how big a superstar they sign,they will always be big fish in a small pond. You could tell Flair wasn’t happy in TNA..

  • frank

    Flair can be a manager like JJ dillon of a new 4 horsemen or another group he can start like in tna

    • JOE

      i am with you on that frank, call this group the New Horseman, consisting of Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler,Dustin Rhodes, and finally a Mystery Wrestler (perhaps the SON OF RIC FLAIR??) I WONDER WHAT HAS BECOME OF HIM.