Full Details On The Sale Of New Japan Pro Wrestling - Selling Price, New Owner Says Their Goal Is To "Topple/Overthrow WWE"

Yuke's Co. Ltd has finished selling all of New Japan Pro Wrestling to Bushiroad Inc. Early indication is that the promotion was sold for approximately 500 million yen which comes out to roughly $6,500,000.

Bushiroad has been a financial backer of NJPW and picked up their support significantly in the past year. Their Chief Executive Officer Takaaki Kidani is said to be a huge pro wrestling fan and is "enthusiastic" about the promotion's future.

Kidani said today he would eventually like to "topple/overthrow WWE."

Thanks to Puroresu Spirit for contributing to this report and Wrestling News World reader Patrick Peralta for his help compiling information.

  • outkazt09

    Hope he can compete with WWE. Competition is good for business and for the fans. Wont be easy though. Good luck to him.

  • bejealous

    Ya good luck with that buddy. Let me know how that goes for you.

  • H.M.

    I REALLY DO hope it gives WWE some competition though as farfetched as that statement of his may sound.

  • Jordan

    New Japan Pro Wrestling: Cross the Line

  • Mindy Ann

    They are the only promotion in the world that has the slightest chance of giving Vince a run for his money!

    • just a fan

      cuz lord… no pretty much everybody knows TNA will never do it

  • Jackson

    They can’t compete with the E if they aren’t in the same country. Sorry kidani-san, you don’t have a prayer!

  • MsMojoRisin

    Njpw and Noah could overthrow wwe one day its not impossible but it will take a long time for that to happen

  • Patrick_OToole

    Is this the same Yukes that makes video games?

  • kevin

    Yes. It is.

  • Jim

    They could definitely speed the process of, over taking the WWE, up by getting a show on American TV a.s.a.p.. People here are begging for a company to compete on the same level as WWE. So I think its definitely possible for NJPW to be that company. I know I’m hoping that some company steps up here pretty soon. All I know is I am definitely tired of waiting for TNA to be that company. Because from what I see they are so horribly mismanaged that they don’t have a chance anymore. Even though they were getting slaughtered on Monday nights. The more I think about it, I think they should’ve stuck it out and not moved back to Thursday’s so quick. WCW Nitro didn’t exactly start winning the ratings war right off the bat. Their first episode was from The Mall of America for goodness sakes. It took them a long while to earn an audience. So I just think TNA threw in the towel way too fast.

  • Bobby

    Does anyone else think that the WWE should have purchased NJPW themselves? That would have given the WWE the presence in Asia they clearly want, but are unable to gain with intermittent tours of US-based wrestlers. This would have also given the WWE another opportunity at a different style of training for their young wrestlers. I think the WWE dropped the ball here by not making a concerted effort to purchase NJPW.

    • sforester

      Absolutely NOT. New Japan is too large a promotion for WWE to feasibly buy and control, not to mention that buying NJPW would bring WWE one step closer to getting as close to a wrestling monopoly as you can get. Not to mention that WWE would try to put THEIR style on the already contracted talent and the Japanese fans, which just will not fly.

  • Nachtengel01

    Now that's a thought which made me laugh for the last half an hour. Why in the first place WWE would be interested in buying NJPW now more than ever, when they could have done so years ago? Obviously, with the way that WWE run their business there is no way NJPW would fit in their programming. WWE wrestlers are entertainers first and foremost. You just need to see the numerous moves that they have ban for their wrestlers because none of them are expert enough to do them when they try to imitate the Japanese Wrestlers. I am thinking here of the piledriver or the 450 splash which in Japan the wrestlers do it in various ways more than a few times per matches and nobody is crippled by those moves because they know how to do so. Why in the first place I should I be impressed by John Cena's scoop slam as a finisher or Triple H's Pedigree when in NJPW, they use those moves like any other moves in their repertoire.

  • Nachtengel01

    Why the heavyweights in WWE are all muscles freaks, power moves and over tanned wrestlers when in NJPW, the heavyweights with the same attributes do Shooting Star Presses, Corkscrew Moonsaults and other high flying moves? I do remember Brock Lesnar trying to do one time a shooting star press but failed miserably with almost a concussion as a result. Was it because he was fed up of the limitations on the moves that he could do so he wanted to incorporate some of his Japanese wrestling experience or else he was just not ready to execute such a move. What about Kurt Angle moonsault that fails 98% of the time he does it? Why do we get tone down wrestling when those guys could do so much more? To compensate on the lack of wrestling abilities from WWE or TNA, we get fairy dust in our eyes like fireworks, skanky-clad women, has-been wrestlers that shouldn't wrestle anymore and time filler ultra-long boring microphone promos.

  • Nachtengel01

    I am one of those that think TNA did the biggest mistake of their career by hiring Hogan and Bischoff to give a new direction to their endeavor. It's obvious when you give the spot to guys like Hardy, RVD, Robbie E, Rob Terry, Crimson and Mr.Anderson , something is terribly wrong with the booking agenda. They have a huge pool of talents which they barely use within their roster. Why Eric Young is doing what he does right now when not so long ago he was the leader of the World Elite? Why Doug Williams is getting buried week after week when not so long ago he was the X Division Champion with an awesome finisher called the Chaos Theory. Why AJ Styles is always running behind the Heavyweight Title for years without ever getting the chance to get it when screw-ups like Hardy and Angle can have it back, time and time again?

  • Nachtengel01

    WWE isn’t better. Their Heavyweight Title revolves around within only a small circle of individuals which rules the politic backstage. If Orton, Triple H, Shawn Michaels or any other big wig within the deciding circle of WWE doesn’t agree on you getting the title then you may be the greatest wrestler alive but you won’t get the title. Yes, i was surprise that Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and now Bryan got a shot at it along with CM Punk but in the end it always goes back to within the small circle of friends backstage that decide if you should survive or not. Some will say within the wrestling business that the young guys are not ready and bla-bla-bla but if they know how to wrestle and want to give their best to the company why not encouraging them to get this belt instead of putting them in mid or lower card level and eventually be forgotten.

  • Nachtengel01

    Yes, i know it's a business and the ratings are what bring the survival of the show along with whom attract the crowds and generate the all-mighty dollar with their merchandise but seriously, do we need in wrestling today, pre-fabricated shallow character like Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton, The Undertaker, Ray Mysterio and so on to make our time and money worth buying their ppv?

  • Nachtengel01

    If you look at NPJW, it's all about wrestling and nothing else. There are almost no big fireworks, flamboyant entrance or obnoxious attire to dull the viewers and the crowd toward the show. A single match can be easily 20 minutes of good wrestling and memorable moments. Some of the wrestler’s outhere are consider like demi-gods by the fans. Even some of them are from generations of wrestlers which are still respected and admire by most like the late great Kobashi. You notice that even if the wrestler is 40 something or more, like Yoshihiro Takayama , he can still wrestle as if he was in his twenties. I just finished watching a 4 hours long PPV of NJPW called "Alive" and let me tell you it was one of the best wrestling shows I’ve seen in ages. Their last match opposing Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs. Yuji Nagata for the IWGP Heavyweight Title was breathless in perfection and wrestling moves.

  • Nachtengel01

    . NJPW wrestlers are well known in Japan but if they would be coming to America, i am not sure they would receive the same reception. When you look at their rosters, most of the wrestlers are like normal joes trying to get a spot at fame and glory and when they are in the ring, they give their everything to please the fans and it shows. I am not sure I can expect the same results from wrestlers in WWE or TNA these days…

    So in sum, i am glad that WWE never bought NPJW and i do hope to be able to see more of the New Japan Pro Wrestling organization in American soil so that they can bring us finally, a content of quality and show us that Wrestling really matters!!! Not like a certain TNA who so far doesn’t hold true to their words.