More On TNA Wrestling's New Pay-Per-View Model & Why The Change Was Made

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One of the most attractive things in TNA Wrestling's new pay-per-view model is the cost. Running 12 live pay-per-views a year live on Sunday night was expensive and they were losing money due to poor buy rates.

While the company desired to cutback the number of pay-per-views each year, they were locked into contracts with cable and satellite providers through last year. TNA President Dixie Carter said in May she didn't feel the company needed 12 pay-per-views and that 6-8 were a possibility.

The new plan is essentially four live Sunday pay-per-views under the model they currently follow, with moderate price bumps for Slammiversary and Bound for Glory. The seven "TNA Wrestling: One Night Only" specials, airing from tape on Friday nights, will be carried by providers at a much cheaper rate, hence their cheaper price tag of $14.95. Providers in the United States usually insist on holding live shows on Saturday and Sunday but Friday is not near as competitive for dates.

In total, this is a cost-cutting measure as TNA also hopes scaling back the number of live pay-per-views they do each year will spark interest (increasing buys) and they'll utilize them much like WWE does with their "big four" shows.

  • Am I understanding correctly that they will air on Friday nights or is it they will tape Friday nights and air Sunday? If they are going to air on Friday nights, I foresee failure already. Didn’t they already try going head to head with WWE once and it was one big epic fail?

    • They are going to tape them earlier and air them on Friday’s at a discounted price.

      • Patrick

        so they are going to do 4 Main PPV’s …like WWE did 30 years ago when they started with only 4 PPV’s?….if so that is a great idea.

    • lee

      There is a big difference with Smackdown than Raw, Smackdown has alot less viewers than Raw

  • Nik

    While the intentions are good and certainly laudable, it will be difficult to get people to lay down $15 on a taped show where the results will almost certainly have hit the internet days before. I just hope TNA have planned any revenue from them as a bonus and the increases on the main PPVs plus hopefully a few new viewers are enough to stop them going backwards financially.

    The fact that they have opted for Friday nights also makes it worth mentioning Dana White’s comments about the Ultimate Fighter. Admittedly the show has got worse over the years but he was adamant that the next season had to move from the night as the target audience, which is similar to that of TNA, are rarely at home watching TV on a Friday.

    I’m not a huge TNA fan by any means, but I’d still like them to be around for a while as a second option and again, while this is a noble idea, I’m not sure its a brilliant one.

  • D-Bag

    I think it’s a good idea. WWE did something similar to this back in the 90’s with their “In Your House” PPV’s.

  • John

    This whole annoucement is nothing to get excited about to be honest! There still going to be doing 11 PPV a year (1 less than last year).. Just at a cheaper cost for the majority of them.

    I agree that the 4 ‘major’ PPV’s will see an increase in buys, but the 7 taped PPV specials will do less buys than they do now, even with the cheaper cost.