Full Details On Tomorrow's Loaded Raw Supershow - WWE Title Match, 1/2/12 Videos Revealed, Brodus Clay

WWE will tape the Raw portion of this week's WWE Superstars and this week's Raw Supershow tomorrow night from the FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee.

  • CM Punk will defend the WWE Championship against Dolph Ziggler in the first title match of 2012. Other advertised main events, which are likely dark, include John Cena vs. Kane and Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole in a Memphis Street Fight.
  • The 1/2/2012 cryptic videos will be revealed.
  • Brodus Clay is expected to finally make his Raw debut.

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We'll have full WWE Raw Supershow coverage beginning at 8 PM EST tomorrow night here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

  • The Breaker

    I hope that Lawler vs. Cole is dark.

    • Van

      yeah.lets not have another crappy King vs Cole match on the same night as Jericho's return(99% it's Jericho since he won't shut up about saying that it's not him)

  • Mike L

    Just twenty-four hours from the big reveal. and we still don’t know who else the Avengers are facing.

    • Matt

      You realize when you posted this it was at 3:33 pm so 24 Hrs. Would be 3:33 Monday afternoon and Raw would still be 5 1/2 hrs from airing.

      • Matt Scott

        You realize when you posted this you expected it to be funny. And now 3 hours later it still isn't.

        • Wadewilson

          But that (above) def was

  • Mike L

    Just twenty-four hours from the big reveal. and we still don’t know who else the Avengers are facing in May.

  • Ubereem

    All the internet/indie marks will no doubt complain if it happens, but WWE really should use the hype around tomorrow night to put the belt on Dolph Ziggler. Punk no longer has the momentum he had during the summer so i say take the belt off him & create a new main event star in Ziggler.

    • jdl

      He doesn't have the momentum? So the cheering, t-shirts selling out and so on means he doesn't have momentum anymore? That's funny, considering Ziggler has pretty much no momentum outside of the internet marks you're disrespecting.

      • Ubereem

        What about the rating drop in pretty much every CM Punk segment since he's held the belt? He's excellent as a heel, and he's excellent even as a face with an edge like he has during the summer, but now his promos are extremely boring! He's really turned into just another "suck-up to the fans" babyface and it doesn't suit him at all.

        • Mr. Love

          Seriously give Ziggler the title?!? That’s a joke, right? Ziggler has ok in ring work, he is better than most on the roster but a main event guy? No he is not! Wwe counting his world heavyweight title reign against edge is a joke and for you to say that punk isn’t entertaining anymore is a joke as well. Punk is just so relaxed and funny while on the mic it just looks and feels natural. Ziggler can’t get a reaction without Vickie. He has no skills on the mic just like ADR. I can’t stand either and fast forward and match and anytime they talk on air

        • Btb

          I agree completely. I was apunk fan for years before his face push. I hate himcoming out a showboating to the crowd or getting cheap fan reactions.

    • aGirl

      I agree, taking the belt off Punk would be a mistake, especially to Ziggler. He's not a main event guy yet and even Vickie gets more reaction than he does. Punk maybe isn't as edgy as he was in summer but hell he still draws attention & gets huge reaction and that's what matters.

  • mathew30

    anybody actually bothered about clay?

  • vffff

    y2j gonna be in memphis monday Year 2012 January y2j

  • Jsmooth

    Yu all really think Jericho is gonna be in Memphis a lot of yu are gonna be heart broken lmao!

  • Leonardo

    As i was reading in a 150mph pace, i thought i read Cena vs Kane and Jerry Lawler.

  • BigMike18

    2012 is actually not the year of Y2J it just seems to me like Undertaker w/his wife Michelle McCool Calaway

    • Cristina

      You know I've heard Taker refer to himself as a dragon before, and it IS the year of the dragon…but I overestimate the profoundness, and resourcefulness of WWE writers. Or maybe it's just me being selfish again, and justifying it being Taker for my own personal happiness. HEY! At least I don't cover up my motives, and stay true to myself even if it is wrong… 😛

  • chuck78

    John Cena will turn to the dark side, paving the way to the Rock’s debut as a good guy.

    • JackBo

      No, Cena will turn heel at wrestlemania, Rock will go to shake his hand Cena will do it then kick him in the goolies and he will be known as the Doctor of thuganomics again.

    • XKonn247

      Rocks debut!? The guy started wrestling in WWF around 16 years ago.

  • Patrick V

    It’s gonna b Brodus clay as the mystery man

  • Gabe

    Its the undertaker

    • Dangerous Lee

      It’s so obvious the mystery man is Chris Benoit

      • sean

        Not even funny

      • Cristina

        That was really in bad taste…with a side order of creepy

    • Michele

      Definetly Taker. The end begins=His final match at WM28.

      • Cristina

        When you put it that way it makes sense but for a Taker fan as devoted as myself the thought o f his final match is painful.

    • mohammed

      she is undertaker s wife omg i din t knew that

    • mohammed

      exactly.you r right.i read the articles from different sites and they said that either clay or taker would return.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cant wait to see the undertaker

  • Colton

    Undertaker will return in the Kane vs cena match.

  • i dunno if it will be Jericho….Taker…..but has anyone thought it might be Vince with Linda Mcmahon 50.1% owner….or maybe shane with linda? ……what ever it turns out to be….im sure the WWE will make good on disappointing everyone.

  • XKonn247

    Thing with the Clay debut it’ll get lost in the shuffle if the 2/1/12 (1/2/12, sorry I’m English we do dates different lol) turns out to be a huge name. And to be fair it’s around 14 hours to go and I’m giddy as hell to know who it is.

  • kyle

    wwe is trolling us it is so obvious that i is just john cena turning hell. nobody is coming back. that is why there will beo hero and wwe will never be the same again.

  • Mrmagoo

    The it begins video could possibly be for edge and the girl could symbolise lita. The maple leaf that everyone thinks refers to Jericho could refer to edge as he’s also Canadian. Look at the girls hair also similar to litas. What do u think? One more match for edge?

    • Cristina

      As much as I wish you were right about Edge we both know that is not happening. Edge retired because he risked paralysis if he wrestled anymore. I have to say WWE is keeping a tight lid on this. For my personal tastes I hope it is Undertaker, but this mystery is so tight that I am excited just to see who it is. Jericho would be good, Lesnar would be good, Cena going bad would be fun…a McMahon… what about Stephanie(she who the girl represents) manages Lesnar or Jericho. Maybe there's a reason Steph's been working out.Truthfully I have no clue and I am glad I don't. I miss the element of surprise in WWE. But I swear if it's Batista or Brodus Clay I will never watch WWE again…anything else I will enjoy immensely though.

    • sean

      No it could leave him wheel chair bound way too risky and pro wrestling matches bear enouh risk

    • Guest

      Yeah…Right. Edge CANNOT compete ANYMORE and Lita just got arrested!

  • waq


  • Ronnie “D”

    I Have high suspicion that it is Y2J, Undertaker, Lesnar, or somehow be Lashley, Shane or just a wild card.