Full Details On What WWE Officials Thought Of CM Punk vs. Ryback, Details On A Near Mishap That Could Have Been Disastrous, Why The Referee Put On Gloves

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I'm told WWE officials were "very upset" with how CM Punk vs. Ryback came across on TV at Hell in a Cell.

There were plans at one point to involve Brock Lesnar in the match but they were dropped because the company didn't want to burn through an unannounced Lesnar date. The major problem now encountered is there is little followup to Punk vs. Ryback without doing a rematch and they are booked into a corner again.

A near mishap occurred after Punk took Shellshock on the cage as he made sure to roll to the support barriers because the cage wasn't holding well and he was afraid it might give. There was a spot earlier in the match where a chair was slammed into Punk's face and he reportedly was going to juice but lost the gig. This is why referee Brad Maddox put gloves on because he was expecting color from Punk.

  • Hitman310

    The match was boring and pointless as expected by myself. It looked like punk was trying his best to carry rayback but he can only do so much. This is the match Vince wanted and he should eat up all the criticism its going to get.

    • eddie27

      People like you annoy me. Minus the lazy finish Punk and RYBACK worked the match perfect. Not only that but you are hating just to hate. If you think something is bad give an example.

      • Chris

        Agreed, hes probably the kind that wanted Cena out of the main event, then moaned about who replaced him in the first place….theres no winning

      • Slade6alpha

        Worked the match perfect??? What? Ryback was gassed about 8 minutes in; he was standing still while punk did most of the work. 11 minutes for a HIAC main event is inexcusable.

        • eddie27

          He looked gassed when he picked up a grown man and threw him like a rag doll or when he climbed a 30 foot wall (sarcasm)

        • Hitman310

          Im not hating at all. Rayback's wrestling skill reminded me of the Ultimate Warriors and thats not a compliment. It was stiff and was trying to get over by brute strength which doesn't really do much except excite you guys.

          • eddie27

            Maybe he should start doing missile drop kicks, hurricanradas, and a figure 4 leg lock to appease you guys.

    • Guy Landau

      As far as I'm concerned it wasn't RyBack's fault – a lot of different factors go into booking a match and playing out a match – there is only so much RyBack can do right now if he is to look as dominant as Vince wants him to look. It wasn't a great match, but it was more or less all either man could do given the circumstances. I'll post a late Weekly Rundown a bit later on today, and as an "I'm sorry" I'll post one of my matches, which is a prime example of how you have to work around certain qualities of your match, the time you were GIVEN (Punk vs. RyBack ending quickly has nothing to do with them, the PPV time was almost up. This was the time handed to them, probably because a longer match would have made RyBack look weaker than Vince wanted him to look), the story being told if it's handed down to you (as it most likely usually is in WWE), and the match's realism, all things considered. I personally think Punk and RyBack (or just Punk, it was hard to tell) did all they could with what they were given to work with. The BOOKING was horrid. I don't blame either man for that.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    I am shocked that Cena wasn’t on the actual ppv.. Maybe Vince McMahon is still mad at him

  • Philip Thompson

    It wasn't that bad

  • Nic Bailey

    People are blinded by the fact they assume Ryback is awful, before last night i wasn't keen on Ryback being main event, maybe upper mid at best but that match showed Ryback has what it takes to be main eventing PPV's, I'll admit it wasn't the match of the night like it should have been but it wasn't awful by any means, considering it was his first main event PPv and it was in a cell he did exceedingly well i am certainly a fan of the Ryback push after that match.

  • nathaniel

    the match itself wasn't bad i know some people will disagree but really it wasn't THE FINISH now that just sucked. they should have just used one of brocks contract dates would have been way more compelling.

  • AntGilroy

    It was a decent way to end the match.. but I did think it was boring… and I’m a huge cm punk supporter… I thought there wasn’t enough wrestling moves and it would have been a better match if the cage wasn’t used… but punk did everything he could to get ryback over.

  • Don

    I thought THE FINISH was the good part. I don't recall seeing something like that for a while. I had no clue that was going to happen considering what "happened" last month with CM Punk and Maddox. It was Interesting and it allows for a different ending. Although, it ruined Ryback's streak, which I don't agree with, it gives CM Punk more heat and gives more room for them to play with the storyline rather than having Lesnar come in, which many would have expected.

  • Doug

    Did I miss something? Why have a JOBBER referee the main event instead of Chioda or Robinson? I didn't see the PPV but whatever excuse they used lacks credibility. JOBBER ref = HUGE red flag in this match.

  • cornb31

    Someone will “erase” the loss from ryback’s streak because of the screwy finish & ryback will be put back into a match with punk in a triple threat next month or a part of the tag team match. I also see team cena vs team ziggler maybe at SS.

  • Robbie

    What do you mean by "lost the gig"

    • Richard Gray


  • No Growth…

    Their aren't many superstars that can carry the Main Event. Lets get to the meat and potatoes of the problem. These guys aren't interesting. The Main Event was thrown together and had zero build. I understand now more than when it happened why Stone Cold refused to job to Brock Lesnar on short notice. It doesn't make sense. The fans don't even know why its happening. The story lines are boring and the characters seem simple, lacking depth and have no emotional bond with the fans. Its corny and almost nothing sparks a reaction.

    Its the same bland routine every week, with the exception of a few everyone sounds the same and the product is not entertaining. With the exception of the obvious, entrance music isn't even as distinct as it use to be. Wrestling needs another creative boom. Bring back a dominate stable, grow tag tams in the developmental system together rather than the random gigs. Bring back King of the Ring and make the belts have meaning. Merge these titles already. 2 Champions never made sense. Make it clearcut who the best really is. Thats why CM Punks title run doesn't mean as much. He's not the only Champ in the company. No one cares about who is the GM,we know they make no decisions, just get rid of the idea all together.

    Steve Austin made a great point and I've heard Jim Ross say the same. Territories being bought out was the worst thing that ever happened to wrestling. All these guys are coming from WWE Developmental system and they are all coming out with the same mic work and ring work. No peronsalty that makes you want to mimic their behavior. When I was younger I wanted to mimic The Rock, Stone Cold, BretHart, DX and so on. In essence, I wanted to be their character in my own life.

    All the greats that we know and love from Macho Man to Flair to Steve Austin, even Taker came up and different territories, multiple territories before we making it mainstream. There wasn't one train of thought on how to do things. We as fans were the losers once this stopped. Those days are gone and not coming back in the foreseeable future. We are stuck with this product and after 20 years of watching this sport I can honestly say I'm losing interest daily.

  • Nails

    why can't Ryback just loose to Punk clean and with respect like HBK looses to Undertaker. A well fought battle would do good for both parties

  • Evon Reese

    Punk can not carry a main event. He proved that in HIAC. He's used to others carrying him.

  • Patrick Peralta

    after the match when Ryback gave the shellshock move to Punk on top of the cage I was a afraid both guys were going to go threw the cage to the ring below. you can see the cage buckle under their weight..

    If Ryback had held Punk much longer they would have went threw.

  • Michael

    To be honest WWE put themselves in that spot, they put Punk a near-year defending champion against an unproven main eventer who is unbeaten, they should have ended it in a disqualification, Punk Vs Ryback was a decent match, I've seen better and I've seen worse, and it was a VERY poor ending, even if Cena interfered and accidently got Ryback DQ'd would have been better than the ending the used.

    • Guy Landau

      No DQ in HIAC, which is what made this match problematic to book in the first place.