Full Impact Wrestling Taping Results For Tonight

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TNA taped tonight's episode of Impact Wrestling last week from Manchester, England as part of their 2013 “Maximum Impact” tour. Please be advised things were not necessarily taped in the order they will air. Below are full taping results:

Impact Wrestling (Airing tonight on Spike TV):

* Kurt Angle b. Mr. Anderson in an outstanding steel cage match. After, a masked member of Aces and Eights hit the ring and attacked Angle. The members revealed themselves as Garett Bischoff. Wes Brisco, donning an Aces and Eights jacket, came out and joined in.

* Christopher Daniels and Kazarian come out dressed in kilts. They put over their beating on Jeff Hardy and Daniels explains he lost last week because Hardy’s face paint is toxic. Magnus chases them off and challenges Devon as part of “Open Fight Night.” DOC and Mike Knox come out but are greeted with strong opposition from Magnus.

* Joseph Park gets on the mic to call out his “Open Fight Night” opponent but is cut off by Robbie E. This results in Joseph Park b. Robbie E w/Robbie T.

* Austin Aries w/Bobby Roode b. Chavo Guerrero. Aries called Chavo out with the stipulation if he won, he and Roode got a TNA Tag Team Championship shot.

* Bully Ray comes out with Brooke Hogan and requests his suspension be lifted. He said that he and Hulk Hogan have a common enemy. Sting comes out and requests Hulk come down to settle it. Hogan ends up reinstating Bully Ray and announcing Bully & Sting vs. Aces and Eights next week in a tables match.

* Velvet Sky & James Storm b. Tara & Jessie Godderz. Sky initiated the match, Storm came out to join her.

  • lbp365

    The storyline is ok, but it’s missing the mark and setting austin and Rhoode to be Daniel and Kane and setting up Bully ray for the world title without giving him a stepping stone title such as the x or the American oh that’s right this one don’t exist.

  • Charles Martin

    Listening to Taz on commentary is becoming unbearable. Can we go 12 secs without an A’s & 8’s comment.