Full List Of WWE Hall Of Fame Class Of 2012 Inductors Revealed

The official WWE website has revealed the full list of WWE Hall of Fame inductees & inductors for the Class of 2012, listed below:

* Edge will be inducted by Christian

* The Four Horsemen will be inducted by Dusty Rhodes

* Mil Mascaras will be inducted by Alberto Del Rio

* Mike Tyson will be inducted by Triple H & Shawn Michaels

* Ron Simmons will be inducted by JBL

* Yokozuna will be inducted by The Usos

Click here to view the announcement.

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  • xChristenLynnx

    i could of sworn Rikishi is part of Yoko's induction too

    • Logan_Walker

      He is going to there but not on stage

  • http://www.phenomforever.com Mayank S

    The WWE got it spot-on right this time. Deserving people to induct the HoF'ers! Of course, would've preferred Bret Hart or Lex Luger (or Taker ;-) ) inducting Yokozuna but we know that's not gonna happen.

  • JamieSNZ

    I'm kind of surprised that Tyson isn't being inducted by Austin. Didn't he help start the Austin Era?

    • Dave L

      I'm Sure WWE doesn't want to have Austin possibly upstage The Rock.

      • don

        Lol, you mean The Rock doesn't want to be upstaged? Hehe.

  • Frenchfry

    yesss JBL for Ron Simmons :) Top 3 favorite tag team ever for me right there. I also heard that Rikishi would be there with his sons to present for Yokozuna, is this true?

  • Paul C

    How about The Usos Induct Yoko and Rikishi accepts on his behalf?

  • James

    Took a while for Yokozuna to be there

  • JasonGaza

    ??? I culda sworn it was supposed to be Steve Austin Inducting Mike Tyson

  • Chuck prince

    Is this airing on television this year, if so when?

  • Matt

    Rikishi is inducting Yoko with his sons the Usos

  • Russell

    Next years inductees hopefully,Jake "the snake" Roberts , ravishing Rick rude , jbl,exotic Adrian street,the new age outlaws,sabu,chyna,Mick foley,the undertaker,trish stratus,the honk tonk man,and finally the rock. And as a celebrity inductee Brett farve.

    • AJG316

      Seriously sabu, the rock is already in the HOF and #areyouseriousbro brett farve what did he ever do for wwe???

      • Russell

        I'm not really high up on the celebrity inductees myself but I'm a huge packer and a huge Brett farve fan. And sabu only wrestled for Wwe shortly but he helped build. The extreme era. And I am a big wrestling fan but I don't believe rock is in the hall of fame don't quote me though because I catch wrestling briefly but I love all types of sports exept men's ice dancing screw that.

  • WWF King of The Ring

    DX With Tyson

  • amelia

    Really happy that christain is inducting Edge into the Hall Of Fame. And they wouldn’t want Austin to induct Tyson because they used to fight a lot

  • jerseyboys81

    lawrence taylor should been inducted into the hall of fame not mike tyson