Full Smackdown Taping Results For Tonight

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WWE taped this week’s Smackdown from the Laredo Energy Arena in Laredo, Texas. Below are full results:

Smackdown (Airing tonight on SyFy):

* Daniel Bryan opens the show with a promo. Mark Henry interrupts him and announces that he is banned from ringside in tonight’s World Heavyweight Championship match against The Big Show, but he wants a title shot next week.

* Justin Gabriel b. Heath Slater

* Drew McIntyre is talking to Teddy Long in his office. Long reminds Drew that last week was Strike 2, and if Drew loses again tonight, he will consider firing him. Drew leaves as Aksana walks in.

* Cody Rhodes b. Ezekiel Jackson. Rhodes stared Booker T down from the ring after the match.

* Cody Rhodes and Goldust have a short backstage segment in which Goldust tells Cody he doesn’t have any respect.

* Ted DiBiase b. Drew McIntyre. Hunico and Camacho were on commentary during the match.

* Sheamus b. Jinder Mahal

* David Otunga b. Santino Marella

* “Funkasaurus” Brodus Clay b. Tyson Kidd in a squash.

* Drew McIntyre is outside Teddy Long‘s office. He considers walking in, but stops himself and walks away.

* Tamina b. Natalya

* Wade Barrett came to the ring and cut a promo on taking out Randy Orton. Sheamus interrupts and challenges him to a match next week.

* The main event is Daniel Bryan vs. The Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship. AJ was ringside in support of Bryan. Big Show inadvertently ran into AJ, knocking her out. She ended up being taken out on a stretcher. The match then ended in a no contest and Bryan accompanied AJ up the ramp while blaming Big Show.

  • Pasquale

    Worst wrestling ever!!! Daniel Bryan World Champ? What a joke! Stop finding a way for him to stay champ cause it’s stupid!

    • Synyster

      Daniel Bryan is a great wrestler but the way WWE books him makes him look terrible. Let’s hope he’s going for a heel turn.

    • Van

      you're sort of right.you're wrong saying Daniel Bryan being World Heavyweight Champion is a joke but you are right about how they're making stay champion.he retained it by DQ last week.now he retained the title because the match was thrown out due to him walking out with AJ on the stretcher.they should've had Drew McIntyre or somebody else help Bryan beat Big Show.that would've made more sense

    • Mr. Love

      You def don’t know what your talking about. You are one in like 10000 that doesn’t like Daniel Bryan with the strap. He is the man and deserves a legit title reign

    • Alex

      UR just another idiot who loves all the faces and hates the heels..Bryan is one of the most trained wrestlers in the wwe

    • EvilKevyn

      It's true! Who's going to hold the belt next? Heath Slater? Jinder Mahal? Bryan as world champ is stupid.

  • triple h

    wade barrett has a match on RAW, but not on SmackDown?! 🙁 #areyouseriousbro?!

    • Abby

      Do you like him? #youhavegottobekidding

  • Mr. Love

    At first thinking about it I don’t like the ending of the show vs Bryan match but this gives and opportunity for an to turn heel with Bryan maybe a power couple trying to establish aj? Maybe actually having some real diva matches until karma shows up? I’ll have to watch though

  • Ilyas

    I think AJ,and Daniel Bryan should be a storyline couple,because Aj helped Bryan win his match against Big Show.AJ should atleast have a couple.And Daniel Bryan would be one of those great guys for her,because AJ helped him win his match against Big Show.And it's not any type of match,it's a match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship!

    • Anthony Burun

      But then at least like 4 months later,they break up,because AJ cost Bryan a huge match.So they break up,and go back to their normal lives,again.But the break up should be like at least a WWE PPV event!

  • Robbie

    :O BRYAN SWORE ON PG and by the way he didn't hit the WMD he just ran into her

  • Osisris