Funny Twitter Exchange Between Roman Reigns & Billy Kidman

There was a funny exchange that took place Wednesday on Twitter involving Roman Reigns, Campanile Restaurant in the Los Angeles International Airport and developmental trainer Billy Kidman.

It all started when Reigns found a bug in his lunch at the LAX restaurant. When he complained, the manager gave him "attitude." Below are his comments:

This drew a reaction from Kidman, who Tweeted:

Reigns responded:

Kidman appeared to take offense at Reigns' Tweet:

Richard Reacts: OK so it's a slow news day. But I thought this was pretty funny. There's nothing worse than something gross in your food but how about Kidman's response? I actually thought Kidman got more offended than Reigns did. Oh well, good for a non-story that will draw some heat in the comments.

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  • Scott Davies

    So if we here reports about Roman Reigns getting released for Superman punching Billy Kidman backstage on Raw you know why lol.

    • Haha see it was worth posting just in case

      • Smark Twain

        I know it’s late Richard but I just found this gem in reference to the Steph/Brie segment this past Raw

  • Cory Zepperi

    Kidman just put up more tweets blowing the whole thing off because he was getting attacked by crazy fans who can’t take a joke.

  • Smark Twain

    Lol Richard maybe you should consider a heel turn. But Kidman seems like the kinda guy who makes jokes that no one laughs at because I don’t see any type of humor in that tweet. And @ WWEKidman? I didn’t even know he was still employed by WWE in ANY capacity.

    • Chris

      It’s pretty funny…lighten up

  • ryan2506

    ahh pretty clear that kidman was joking, reigns took it seriously

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      he was probably frustrated.

  • phil

    When was the last kid any of you said the name billy Kidman before this or even heard from him?…..*hears rats peeing on cotton*

  • K. Fabe

    Billy Kidman is about as relevant as the bug in Roman Reigns’ food.

  • iParty21

    Billy Kidman




    sheets reported on the “exchange” from earlier. What the f is wrong with
    these people. Trying to make something out of nothing at all.

    Replied to 0 times

  • BigDawg77

    With all the Billy Kidman stuff going on: He beat John Cena at one of the England PPV’s Rebellion or Inserrection at one point…clean. Just funny how the business can change.