Further Clarification Of TNA's Voluntary Dismissal Of WWE Lawsuit

TNA Wrestling, as TNA Entertainment LLC (the plaintiff), filed a notice of voluntary dismissal for their lawsuit against Brian Wittenstein and WWE (the defendants) on Monday, January 14, 2013.

A order granting TNA's notice was officially granted on Tuesday, January 15, 2013, effectively ending the litigation that was originally filed in Nashville Chancery Court on May 23, 2012.

We reported earlier on Thursday here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com that TNA filed to dismiss the suit, stating terms had been reached by all parties.

Below are screen captures of the lawsuit's movement through the court system from its filing to its dismissal.

Court Records









Court Records










  • Boogie

    Sign all the all the tna wrestlers

    • Kenneth

      Find storylines for ALL the TNA wrestlers?

      • Jimmy

        USE all the TNA wrestlers maybe?

        • Kenneth

          That would fit the meme’s meter more appropriately than my offering.
          I’m slipping. Thanks for that.

  • LBP365

    This may back fire they sign all there wants, but due to bad storyline they nwwd a new big name face but no money

  • Michael

    It’s about time I always thought that the lawsuit was dumb and had no marriott. I think that now wwe will sign Shelly and Sabin. Jeff Hardy may get his contract to return home, maybe Samoa Joe and Styles as well.

  • steve pritchard

    Is this tna s way of just throwing in the towel? It seems this lawsuit was only thing keeping Vince from taking any talent that he wants or agrees to go. This could be a bad move by tna. Along with the laundry list of bad moves they already made! Someone like heyman or maybe even good old Jr needs to buy this place out and finally give vkm some competition! Remember when wcw was still around to some what compete that was when wwe was at its best! That goes to show competition is a good thing! Someone please step in and save this sinking ship!