Future Of The Shield, WWE Making A Mistake With HHH?, Christian, Devon Gone From TNA?

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What are the future booking plans for The Shield? It seems like they were all strapped then put into the background?

Booking backwards creates interesting situations as one could argue The Shield took a step back AFTER winning the WWE United States and WWE Tag Team Championship respectively. The group was booked with confidence early on, going over main event talent on pay-per-view. When booked like that, there's only one way to go. After taking a background role, the group has been functioning as the enforcers of Triple H in the main storyline this fall. They've weathered some backstage politics and are still doing well. I do not think it's time to break them up just yet but still believe there is a lot of potential in the faction.

Do you think we really needed Triple H back on WWE television?

Yes, without John Cena WWE needed more star power and the Triple H/McMahon vs. Daniel Bryan angle fulfills that purpose. Vince McMahon has a reputation for over-saturating programming with his own character but I'm not burnt out on it yet. I actually think I'm in the minority as I'm actually enjoying Daniel Bryan's chase so far.

I remember a report posted here that Christian was in line for a decent babyface push. Is that still the case or has WWE pulled back on that?

Christian was in the midst of the push we reported on as he went on to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam. However, things have been halted after he suffered a concussion while working against Randy Orton on the August 26th episode of Monday Night Raw. He's a reliable veteran that WWE has the ability to push at any time.

Why did Devon leave TNA Wrestling?

At this point I'm under the impression that Devon's TNA departure was for storyline purposes. He has a contract through October and he's taking indy dates as a TNA talent. We'll see if anything changes.

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  • chris

    Considering how Bully Ray ripped Devon on impact a few weeks ago indicates that a possible feud between the two may happen.

  • Ben

    Triple H is also a great heel and can handle the majority of the Corporate mic work (along with Stephanie) so Orton can keep quiet and just wrestle.

    • Steve

      Orton can keep quiet and hurt people*


      • Ken

        Orton can keep quiet and get people’s pushes halted**
        fixed again

        • Ben

          Orton 3:16 says I just killed your push!

  • Jbreed

    Something’s wrong when they need to turn to a semiretired wrestler and his wife for star power.

    • Ben

      Yeah, because the McMahons didn’t play big roles when ratings were at their highest ever during the Attitude Era… your post wasn’t serious, right?

      • Jbreed

        Sure so 15 years later they should keep relying on the same people to sell their product instead of building new stars. And there’s my point in case you missed it, they have to keep bringing in people from the Attitude Era because the current era sucks.
        BTW last week’s Raw featuring the McMahons did a whopping 2.85 rating, compared to back in the Attitude Era when the ratings were twice as high. So yeah the McMahons are really helping ain’t they?

        • Jay El Bee

          If this was anybody else you might have a point but this is Cena we’re talking about, you can’t just build another one of him or the WWE would have done it by now. Also saying that the ratings were twice as high during in the Attitude Era isn’t really saying that much, because it only took about half as many viewers to get a rating point compared to today.

          • Jbreed

            You’re right this is Cena we’re talking about. We’re not talking about Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin and The Rock. All Cena ever did was sell merchandise and not much else which is why they keep bringing in The Rock at WM to boost buyrates because nobody gives a crap about Cena. Those years when Cena was in his prime were some of the worst years as far as Raw viewership is concerened. So I think it’s safe to say replacing Cena shouldn’t be too hard.

          • Jay El Bee

            You’re right Cena is not on their level, but then again nobody else is either. Also the viewership and buyrates did go down during Cena’s prime, but that has more to do with DVR and the internet than anything else. And another thing why is it Cena’s fault when his segments are usually the most watched parts of the show every week, why not blame someone like Bryan whose segments up until about a month ago were some of the least watched parts of the show every week.

  • Jbreed

    As far as The Shield goes, it’s probably just another case of a major push coming to a halt as soon as the WWE realizes certain guys are a seriuos threat to take over John Cena’s spot as the top guy in the company. And the same thing will probably happen to Daniel Bryan.

    • David

      You seriously think that the WWE would halt a push a star was seriously becoming a terrestrial knocking Cena of of the top spot?
      I believe they would be going nuts with joy if anybody else could push the merchandise numbers that Cena manages. If Daniel Bryan was to get to a point where he has that appeal that Cena has for the children then he could well become that person and Vince would be rolling in money and wouldn’t care otherwise.

      • David

        A threat * not terrestrial

      • Xavier

        If Bryan could reach the levels of Cena it would put the WWE inthe same position they were in during the late 90s/early 00s (Austin & Rock) as two major major draws, and that’s a good thing.

      • Jbreed

        Well I don’t think it’s a coincidence John Cena has been the top guy, by far, for over seven years when a lot of other guys with the potential to become the new face of the company were never given the chance. Even when CM Punk reached man event status and held the title for over a year Cena was main eventing ppvs against John frikkin’ Laurinatis. Cena would sell the same amount of merchandise if he was an upper midcarder but the WWE continues to push him as the face of the company because he represents what the company is all about, which is a lame, family friendly PG product.

  • smark calloway

    richard is breaking grayfabe again

    • Haha as cool as that sounds, what’s grayfabe?

      • smark calloway

        richard grayfabe . your new gimmick

  • Lrgetrout25

    So where’s today’s John Cena update? 😛

    • Snap

      Cena suffered a cramp and, when asked about it, he responded with “The cramp is HEE-YAH!!!” Unfortunately, photographic evidence could not be obtained.

  • Tim

    Ironically enough Paul’s doctor is jacked like a wrestler.

  • Stoney

    I had a feeling that WWE would bring back Triple H after Cena got injured