Future Of The WWE Draft, Post-Wrestlemania Releases, Why TNA Can't Compete With WWE In Their Current Form, Brodus Clay

Is there going to be a WWE Draft this year?

The preliminary plan was to hold the 2012 WWE Draft on the April 23, 2012 episode of Raw Supershow but as we saw, it didn't happen and the show was built around the "contract signing" of John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar. There was actually talk of dropping the draft entirely with the Raw Supershow concept but I haven't heard if a final decision has been made one way or the other.

When are the post-Wrestlemania releases going to take place?

The post-Wrestlemania cuts have been taking place. In addition to executives that have left the company in recent weeks, WWE cut Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine and producer Goldust. I'm told WWE has been working to make as many quiet releases as possible to avoid a long list posted on dot com. With that being said this could be the calm before the storm.

I think it would be awesome if you did a full-fledged explanation using either an entire Premium Mailbag or Backstage Blog on why TNA is a “lost cause” with regards to competing with WWE.

I can actually give a full-fledged explanation right here in Ask WNW that will save a tremendous amount of time… TNA is a lost cause in competing with WWE because of their current managerial structure. TNA has the basic elements to compete - a national TV deal with Spike TV and a significant financial backer in Panada Energy. However, the pro's end there as the company is ran by people where their own personal agendas that are more important than the success of the company. Dixie Carter is a very likable person and everyone I know speaks highly about her but until she gets someone in there that cares about the company over their own personal gain, TNA will always be second rate. This is not as easy as it sounds as the wrestling business is full of manipulative people with their own personal agendas.

What do you think WWE is trying to do with Brodus Clay?

WWE is booking Brodus Clay as a dominant comedy gimmick. His push was killed once when he had some behavioral issues but based on the way he was booked on Monday (going over The Miz clean), the office is once again high up on the Funkasaurus.

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  • Ace

    THEY CUT ANDY LEAVINE? Then what was the whole purpose of tough enough? Hopefully they bring him back like Brodus Clay with a new image (maybe not as funky). Also Goldust? Wow, I thought he played an important backstage role.

    • The Breaker

      I know that Goldust was in charge of the Divas' Division… wonder if that had anything to do with his release?

    • Logan_Walker

      you just found out now i belive that WNW was the first place to talk about it…. yeh Goldust i belive "fudged something up backstage

    • urnemystic

      He couldnt wrestle or act, useless for WWE.

      • Daniel Lim'ass

        He's a one helluva character in pre-Attitude Era WWE. Your nonsensical opinion is beyond me.

        • Frenchfry

          I think and hope he meant Levine because Goldust did some hilarious bits

  • wwf-wcw-nwa-ecw

    Golddust will probably go back to TNA… And Andy will be on the next OFN Gut Check.. (Joking) seriously tho if they were smart they would use the Draft as a way to call up talent from developmental or even over from NXT.. Just a thought.

    • ShanND

      Actually, using the Draft to transfer talent from NXT/FCW to either Raw or Smackdown would be a pretty cool idea.

    • Daniel Lim'ass

      The Black Reign is returning to TNA. Stay tuned…

  • Lil Wayne YMCMB

    why did vince promote ecw back then but he doesnt recognise tna? He is such a hypocrite

    • chelu671

      Even though WWE didn't own ECW in its early days, the company was recognized by the mainstream more then TNA.

    • GODSENT68

      They had a working relationship with ECW and would do talent trades, not so much for tna.

  • Ant

    TNA and the world in general needs more people like Nintendo vice president Iwata. The company performed below expectations part of last year so he took a 50% pay cut.

  • Steve l

    I disagree chelu671 ECW was not mainstream it ran mainly on local tv then tnn breifly. TNA and even ROH is more maonstream because,of exposure. ECW fans indilge in a great deal of revosionist hostory that simplu osnt acurate. It got more popular after it was gone smd Vince gabe its stars and tape library exposure. I was a hardcore fan in the90s and knew nothong of it. How could you unless you loved in the Northeast?

    • Stevie

      English please?

    • ol skewl fan

      I disagree Steve I did not live in the NorthEast and I did live in the Midwest(WI), and I knew of ECW as early as 93ish, I remember marking out the first time RVD wrestled on RAW while he was still part of ECW when they did the original invasion angle, and knew plenty of people who knew what ECW was then as well, infact in those days people referred to WCW,ECW and WWF as The Big Three, everything thing else was considered indy.

    • Matt Scott

      I'm in england. Even I recognised ECW. It had video games for Gods sake. How is that no exposure!?

    • christopher525

      You know, because Raven, Terry Funk, Sabu, RVD, Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, The Dudleys, nobody ever heard about ANY of those guys until they worked in WWE or WCW. One of the ONLY reasons that Kurt Angle didn't join ECW when first going in pro wrestling was a crucifixion angle done at a show he went to. I'd actually put Raven (the guy who actually put ECW on the map, although Shane Douglas is credited as the one who originally mentioned the concept) on par with the top 5-10 people in wrestling through the 90's in his ECW version.

  • Monty

    Just like wcw found a young and motivated Eric tna needs some magic. But let’s not forget how many different executives wcw had before they found the right one. Not saying tna will too but it could happen. I see tna being sold to wwe within next 2-3 years, when panda energy realizes that tna is a loosing cause they will look to sell.

    Btw how big is panda energy? Are the bog time into billions?

    • wwf-wcw-nwa-ecw

      Why not give Borash a shot…

    • christopher525

      If they were willing to spend the money needed, I would give Heyman a shot, imagine what he could have done with ECW with the money Bischoff had behind him in WCW. I could see Shane buying TNA, for real this time instead of the gimmick of him buying WCW, just to kind of dig into Vince.

  • ol skewl fan

    If Paul E. was as good at managing ECW's money as he was at innovating the wrestling business ECW might still be in business .

  • Steve l

    Please tell me how you were able to watch ECW. I understand they had video games But WCW and WWE os where I learned about the stars once they got there. And yae wrestling magozones had artocles about ECW. But for most of its time there was no national tv deal. I played the games but dodnt know who most of the guys were. I remember when Dreamer onterfered inHHH and Tazs match and no one knew who the hall it was and HHH made him snd Taz look real weak.

    • Nik

      Dammit Steve move your hand one key to the left on the keyboard!

      But anyway, I'm also in the UK and I knew of ECW during those days, moreso than I knew of WCW. Even during the good times of WCW, WWF was always king with its Sky Sports deal, which is effectively gold over here; anything worth watching in the sporting world is on Sky Sports and WWF/E has been there for as long as the company has. WCW had ITV in the afternoons among the likes of the A-Team and Airwolf, and then Channel 5 which half the damn country couldn't get a proper signal of – both were two weeks behind on tapings.

      ECW on the other hand, actively promoted themselves, even without a UK TV deal. Everyone I knew at the time had at least one ECW DVD, and bear in mind this was before the internet,or at least before many people in either the US or UK had it at home. Cutting to the chase, ECW, WCW and WWF were the big three. In the UK, the second biggest US pro wrestling market in the world (maybe third behind Canada?), ECW was number two. Or in effect 1000x bigger than TNA/ROH now. (Not all of that is directed at Steve, but pertains to comments on this post).

  • Msuth

    Dixie should've signed Heyman instead of Hogan! FACT!