Future Of Undertaker, HHH & HBK; Lord Tensai Gimmick, Daniel Bryan’s Character, Backstage Opinion Of Lesnar Returning

Following Wrestlemania 29, what will happen to The Undertaker, Triple H and Shawn Michaels?

I haven't heard the latest on The Undertaker's status but prior to his Hell in a Cell match against Triple H at Wrestlemania 28 on Sunday, WWE had already begun looking at ideas to use him next year at Wrestlemania 29. The way the match ended on Sunday, it was done so it could have "ended" his career but that has been nothing more than speculation. Triple H was backstage at TVs this week, working just like always. Hunter signed a new performer's contract at the beginning of the year that runs through March 2016, so he isn't hanging up the boots quite yet. Shawn Michaels is retired and returned only to be the special guest referee for the Wrestlemania 28 match. There are no plans as of this writing for him to return to the ring in any capacity.

Is it just me or did the Lord Tensai gimmick fall flat on Raw Supershow? The crowd was hot all night then when he came out they were chanting "shave your back" and "boring." What were your thoughts on his debut?

The Lord Tensai gimmick didn't see to draw much of a response from the live crowd or the TV crowd based on responses in our Comments Area. It looked like WWE was going to give the gimmick significant build and I was surprised to see Bloom re-debut so early. With that being said, I haven't seen enough to have an opinion. When Brodus Clay debuted as the Funkasaurus people were up in arms. I said I was surprised about the gimmick but I was going to wait and see what happened. Clay is now over like rover so it's important to give a gimmick some time before judging it either way.

Do you think the "YES! YES! YES!" chants will continue? Or is it just a Florida thing?

Daniel Bryan is very over in the state of Florida so it will be interesting to see if the chants continue throughout the country. There doesn't seem to be plans to turn him babyface but I'm told the squash at Wrestlemania was about revamping his character without AJ. That seems to be the direction but we'll have to wait and see about future reactions.

What is the backstage opinion of Brock Lesnar returning to WWE?

It's the same song and dance. There are those happy to see Brock Lesnar return while others are extremely critical of another part-timer coming in for a big payday. One thing I find interesting is that John Cena and Lesnar didn't get along the last time around and now they are working together. It should be an interesting story to follow both in and out of the ring. If you want my opinion, I welcome any star that draws and think anyone that complains about it should figure out how they do it.

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  • Ice Cold The Fake Austin

    now WWE must have RVD comeback and frog splash cena!!!

  • Jack

    Clay's re-debut was much more impactful

  • TMJB

    Why is WWE having stars return an attack John Cena?

    • Deep

      Because it gives him something to do without having to feed the young up-and-comers to him would be my guess.

    • Da KiDD

      It's really not that bad, and I'm sure John isn't thinking any less of himself because of this. Think about it. He's been a what…10 time WWE champion? in less than 10 years. Held other titlles, won the royal rumble, headlined a few WM's, led the company in merchandise sales, maintained as the face of the company, rarely ever got injured….etc….all before the age of 35. John Cena has had it really, really, good in the WWE. And yeah, he's earned it all. So losing to the Rock, and this new feud with Brock are like the biggest adversities he's faced in his career. It's really not that bad.

  • John

    Ive been a Brock Lesnar fan since day one! From that very first time he showed up on Raw in 2002 beating up Guys like Spike Dudley and The Hardys I was hooked on the guy! When he left WWE I was upset because he was red hot at the time and nothing was impossible for him to accomplish. I followed his career when he went to Japan and when he got into MMA. Seeing him back in the WWE is a dream come true! I am extremely happy for that and this is definitely a scenario where you have to look and say “never say never in pro wrestling!” cuz eventually it may just happen. Just like we saw The Rock back, just like we saw Brock, believe me we could still one day see the likes of Sting in a WWE ring!

  • Cena Sucks


  • Rob

    I think 20-0 is a good number to finish on. Taker can’t come back every year a month before wrestlemaina have one match, win then disappear for 11 months again. I’m a massive undertaker fan but feel its time he called it a day. There is no one left to wrestle, no one left on the rosta who could end the streak.. And unless he could work more to help bulid one of the younger workers. I just don’t see the point. Love taker, but it’s time to call a day on a legendary career.

    • chrisjacks

      What about having Cena face Taker, i think the fans would defo buy into him as a legitimate threat to the streak. personally i am still hoping for Brock vs Taker next year 🙂

      • smoothjj7

        cena vs taker would be a shamble. taker is much better off retiring especially with his banged up body. He has more then enough money and honestly it'd be a great time for him to go, we don't want him turning into a flair or hogan who doesn't know when to just call it quits.

    • Darkstalker

      I totally agree. Even the match with Triple H now – which was, arguably, one of the greatest stories ever told inside a wrestling ring – wouldnt have been necessary. It did´t help either ones careers, as they are legends already. Both should have had younger, fresher, opponents who need to deliver a great match on a big stage to establish themselves. They wouldn´t even have to win – let alone end the streak. Sheamus lost his WM-Match to Triple H two years ago – he still made a name for himself. Undertaker can put someone over in a big way, even if he wins the match in the end. So could Triple H.

      And I won´t even start talking about the speculated Taker / Lesnar bout for WM29! Please WWE, just don´t! Pair Lesnar up with Batista and have a "Who can move the slowest" bout if you have to …

      • Rob

        Completely agree – i see absouloutly no reason for WWE to have brought leaner back on a limited schedule. I rather see some great storylines and lengthy feuds for some of the younger workers.

  • chrisjacks

    I don’t see the sense in splitting bryan and aj up. its not like she is going to be challenging Beth any time soon so it gave her something to do and if bryan is indeed going to continue as a heel keeping aj with him would have been a good way to get heat back on him although personally i think they will be forced to turn him face as i think people are gonna continue to cheer him wherever he goes.

  • bill

    then they can have have bobby lashley come back and give the dominator to cena

  • Patrick_Peralta

    fell sorry for the current talent…with Lesner back they get put on hold once again..

  • Jashaun

    Why doesnt cena and lesnar get along? I always wondered that.

    • Best in the World

      Because Brock Lesner stole John Cena's syringe in the locker room one Smackdown in 03' so they've had beef ever since.

  • Bruce

    Did any of you see the look on Danny boys face on Raw Monday night?? He looked like a man that had to sleep on the couch Sunday night–!!

  • RileyFan

    SO why was A-Ry fed to him? I so would like to know why he' s being made out to job all the time.

    • smark

      because A-ry was brought up 2 early and he has poor in ring work

  • Stan smith

    I dont see why the wwe brought Brock back to program with Cena been there done that but now that they have Brock under contract get to work on Batista now there is a Wrestlemania main event Brock Lesnar vs Batista

  • Dangerous Lee

    Clay is “over”? Well that’s news to me.

  • john peeler

    i think we will see undertaker wrestle someone at wrestlemania 29 next year and i hope it will be john cena this will be a big money making match it was going to be undertaker vs cena at wrestlemania 28 this year but they changed the plans so wwe please make it undertaker vs cena at wrestlemania 29 next year this will be a great match to see does anybody agree .

    • G1

      I would love to see it but I want it to be whenever undertaker says it will be his last wrestlemania. Then I want to see him face Super Cena. End with the streak perfect

  • dee

    Kinda got to laugh first rock beats on cena now its brocks turn. Vince knows how to keep us happy :p

  • Roy!!!

    Richard, scan you go into more detail about Brock and Cena's past relationship?! This is the first time I've heard them not getting along in the past.

  • Anon

    as someone who has seen undertaker all those years i think he should call it a day…it's obvious the streak is "holy" therefore any WM match would lack the appeal and the storyline. they had to do this one because of the ending of last years WM match against HHH but building up a new "feud" in a couple of weeks before WM 29 would let people only wonder how is the streak going to stay intact. 20-0 sounds great and is probably a record for eternity…

  • Ultimate Warrior

    I can read any comments for some reason..?


    I know you marks are mad about d-bry losing like that…but don't you realize how much support he's getting and how much his fan case is growing? this is exactly what McMahon wanted he's sick attitude is mest up but it's smart cuz now look how popular d-bry is?

  • Andrew

    When Shemus won inside 18 second I was convinced that Bryan was going to go find laurenitis and demand to have his title rematch later on in the PPV and then they were going to have their 20 min match and Shemus win again. I was surprised when it hadn’t happened by the time of the 3rd hour

    • dektcmpunx

      i was thinking the same thing

  • Adam

    If Brock Lesnar and John Cena are having a program, will it be as successful as their Backlash 2003 angle

  • joe ross

    Cena has been made to look so weak lately, it's sad yet refreshing at the same time.

  • Fordracinggt02

    Cena is weak